Friday, April 9, 2010

My new baby!

My new baby before my real baby to be used with both my babies!
It's a Cannon Rebel XS 10.1 megapixel...and I LOVE it! At least what I know about it, which isn't much :) I REALLY need and want to take classes to figure out how to use it so I can take cool shots of my kiddos and potentially save money on professional photography sessions! It was a loving anniversary/valentines gift from my wonderful hubby :)
I've wanted one forever...and I mean ever so I'm really excited to learn how to use this bad boy! I remember being little, like 9 or so, and playing with my Dad's old camera winding the film, looking through the lens, pretending to take pics. I've always loved amazing photography and wished I could do that, catching the light just right and the angles to bring out the true beauty of an object or moment. I want to capture what I see with my eyes on film and I'm hoping that with this camera I'm at least on my way to being able to do that...
Hopefully after the baby arrives and we're settled I can sign up for a couple of classes to teach me the ins and outs of the DSLR world!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

cross your fingers...kiss your rabbit foot...

Whatever it is you do to bring luck to yourself and others I'd appreciate if you'd do it for us this week! It's been a loooooooooooooong 4 months with Evan out of work...very frustrating when we were told it would only be 3. He's been applying to any contract he feels he qualifies for and following up with phone calls and emails as much as he can without totally being annoying...

Are you lost?

Let me back-track all the way to Oct. 2009...Evan was working a sales job, not the greatest job in regards to compensation but he liked sales and he's pretty good at it. His Dad calls and says he has an opportunity for him that will make him a lot of money, it's a very stable career and something he would enjoy....he had about 30secs to make the decision to quit his sales job, get in the car and drive 8hrs home to Nebraska to start training as a Nuclear Pipe Testor. He was gone from Oct. 21st through Dec. 5th...quite a shock to our family since we were used to getting home at the same time during the week and having all weekend to hang out. He enjoyed it, he did well and was excited about the future...we were told outages for the power plants are March through June and Sept. through Dec. so roughly 8 months of working with 4 months off depending on the contract but looking at a nice salary that would allow me to stay home with the kids and us to live comfortably even during his months off.

Fast forward again to now...April 7th...we're still crossing our fingers, holding our breath, wishing on stars that something will come through.

He's had two promsing phone calls this week, one in Georgia and one in Tennessee. We're hoping upon hope that by Friday he has an offer letter...

We really need it and all the crossed fingers we can get!