Saturday, August 28, 2010

Organization or over the top?

I LOVE organization, The Container Store is like my fantasty place...I could drool in there for hours! Lists, schedules, planning...all my forte. I have to write stuff down to remember it so an extension of that is writing down my organization. I have a schedule on the fridge of my weekly planning, shopping list next too it, a calendar in my phone with all our upcoming events, when we travel I write down everything I need then check it off, we also have a weekly menu. Our stuff is in plastic containers, everything has a place...

Keeping organized keeps me sane.
It however keeps my husband insane
He's not a slob by any means but he's not as neat as me and far from organized. When things are out of place I get frustrated and anxious...when things are messy and dirty forget it I have to get them back in order.

I think it just helps to make things easier with two kids and a husband out of town 5 days a week...I'm convincing myself it's just organization, am I convincing you or is it over the top?
This week I have a menu planned, deep cleaning schedule on hand and will be starting on my lists for our trip to Denver Thursday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

No longer personal...

I had something else in mind for tonight but an event took place that upset me and some friends and I feel the need to reflect.
Oh the internet, I first remember signing online in 7th grade...1995 to age me...AOL chat rooms were all the rage in middle school, added an email account freshman year in high school, facebook account in college and blogger in 2009...
As the internet evolved and communication has become through the screen it's become harder to figure out people's real feelings, what that typed with anger, sarcasm, love, attempt to be funny, etc, etc, etc?
Same with the messages are typed are not always how they are percived.
I have lost a once good friend over the internet, text messages and FB messages were involved, messages were interpreted one way and should have been another...still makes me sad to think about it.
Today a friend had a similar situation, something on the internet was uncovered, text messages were exchanged, friendships were jeopardized.
As much as we love this so called technological world is it really worth it sometimes? Would a phone call or a face to face encounter be much better?
NY Times published an article about it:
I may just have to be that mean mama who doesn't let her kids hope they'll have closer real relationships with their friends.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time flies...

I cannot believe that Kaitlyn is three! Seems just yesterday I was feeling horribly ill and trying to figure out what was wrong with me...December 1st 2006 that test came up positive and life as I knew it changed forever. My sweet little monkey celebrated her 3rd birthday on July 29th, we had a day at the farm, made cupcakes, ate cake and opened lots and lots of presents :) This Monday we went to her 3 year check up...itty bitty is still an itty bitty! She weighed in at 26lbs 10ozs and 37inches we're still under 10% but that's better than the <3% she's been in...eating is a battle, meals are a battle but she's growing so for now Mummy 1, Kaitlyn 0 :)

I love you to the moon and back kiddo, you made me a Mummy, you are my little sunshine, the biggest trouble maker, the sweetest cuddler and forever a monkey! <3

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A summer tradition

We don't have many traditions in my family...we kind of moved around too much for that to really happen. So aside from Christmas there really isn't much the same, except for the last three years my baby sis has spent a week or so of her summer at our house. Now this is a tradition I want to keep! I have two sisters, one is 19 months younger, the other 6 years...funnily enough the one that's 6 yrs younger and I get along better even though our lives are on totally different wave lengths. I love both my sisters equally but the youngest and I have always clicked better than my Irish twin.
This year my sis came out for a full week of fun, met her new nephew and was driven to drink by her 3 yr old niece!
My sis is awesome, at 21 and as someone who never wants kids...a 3 yr old is not really the ideal hang out while on vaycay. But she played puzzles, playdough, colors, ring around the rosey, swimming, tea party, etc, etc, etc.
We played in the water daily and took the boat for a spin, drank some beers and relaxed...I had a great time and despite looking for the ear plugs a few times I think she did too.
This is one tradition I will hold onto as long as I can!

A "start" date...

I have this weird thing...I have to "start" something on a specific day/time/date. The diet will start on Monday, I'll get back to blogging on the 1st of next month, 2011 is going to be the year of exercising daily, etc, etc, etc. Thing is those "start" dates come and go and nothing really ever gets "started". So maybe I need to throw that theory to the wind and just do what I say I'm going to do right then, that instant. Dieting starts now...well after the beer and cookies I have in front of me :P
That's my problem with blogging, I keep saying I'm going to get back into it and well here my blog lies with no new news...
So starting the race full throtle...

I'm off into the blogging world again...since there is too much to catch up on and I'd end up talking in circles I'm just going forward from the most recent event which was my little sister's visit and going from there!
wish me luck bloggers...this is my start date!