Saturday, August 28, 2010

Organization or over the top?

I LOVE organization, The Container Store is like my fantasty place...I could drool in there for hours! Lists, schedules, planning...all my forte. I have to write stuff down to remember it so an extension of that is writing down my organization. I have a schedule on the fridge of my weekly planning, shopping list next too it, a calendar in my phone with all our upcoming events, when we travel I write down everything I need then check it off, we also have a weekly menu. Our stuff is in plastic containers, everything has a place...

Keeping organized keeps me sane.
It however keeps my husband insane
He's not a slob by any means but he's not as neat as me and far from organized. When things are out of place I get frustrated and anxious...when things are messy and dirty forget it I have to get them back in order.

I think it just helps to make things easier with two kids and a husband out of town 5 days a week...I'm convincing myself it's just organization, am I convincing you or is it over the top?
This week I have a menu planned, deep cleaning schedule on hand and will be starting on my lists for our trip to Denver Thursday!

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