Thursday, August 26, 2010

No longer personal...

I had something else in mind for tonight but an event took place that upset me and some friends and I feel the need to reflect.
Oh the internet, I first remember signing online in 7th grade...1995 to age me...AOL chat rooms were all the rage in middle school, added an email account freshman year in high school, facebook account in college and blogger in 2009...
As the internet evolved and communication has become through the screen it's become harder to figure out people's real feelings, what that typed with anger, sarcasm, love, attempt to be funny, etc, etc, etc?
Same with the messages are typed are not always how they are percived.
I have lost a once good friend over the internet, text messages and FB messages were involved, messages were interpreted one way and should have been another...still makes me sad to think about it.
Today a friend had a similar situation, something on the internet was uncovered, text messages were exchanged, friendships were jeopardized.
As much as we love this so called technological world is it really worth it sometimes? Would a phone call or a face to face encounter be much better?
NY Times published an article about it:
I may just have to be that mean mama who doesn't let her kids hope they'll have closer real relationships with their friends.

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