Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's your number?

This question seems to be a constant asked in the parenting world, like once you take the leap of one child how many more do you dare to have?

People women always say they "know" when they are done, I was one of those but due to recent changes I've began to wonder about it and this subject of "knowing".

My first child was not what they call a planned baby, but met with absolute joy and love. We ummed and ahhed and discussed number two, agreed, didn't agree...but always said two kids would be great for our family.

Bambino number 2 arrived this  last year, wow already, and I spent the whole pregnancy accepting and being comfortable with that I was done and we were complete. I was iffy during the pregancy but when he arrived felt like okay cool we're good, family of 4 sounds right, two kids, two hands, we're good.


My husband has recently been contemplating a 3rd and heaven forbid a 4th for our family. He's decided he wants a crew...okay he said 5 kids and I told him no way in a hot place was that happening.

But since he's been talking about it, I've kind of become wow I think 3, maybe even 4 kids would be really fun! Not right now, mr. no sleep has to get his butt in order first, but maybe in another year, a bigger family could be great. I think my title as Mummy is one I own well, I'm nowhere near the perfect parent but I really love staying home with my kids and just being Mummy.

But wait, I was done, I felt that huh I feel good with two kids and our family is done no need for more kids, factory closed feeling.

Making me question this whole "oh no my family is done" concept. I mean are we really ever done? As a friend recently said, I've never heard of anyone say they regret having another child. So is our heart ever done? Obviously sensibility comes into play, finances make a difference, size of the home, patience level, health capabilities, etc but are those what tell us we're done as opposed to our heart? Do we just convince ourselves our heart is done to avoid that tug? Or does it really go away?

Did I just convince myself we were done because in reality we had agreed we were? So I was making my heart be okay with the decision instead of listening to it?

I wonder if those who say they are done and happy would be sad to have another child today...

So I'm curious if those who are done for whatever reason feel like it's a heart choice or a mind choice or a combination of both? I guess I'll revisit this post in a few years and see if my thoughts have changed!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ever walk into a room...

and go crud what did I come in here for?

Happens to me all the time, just happened as I came to my blog site. I had a great topic in mind, TV is on, Facebook is open and well ADHD kicked in and now I've got nothing but a topic about nothing :P

At the moment I'm dealing with the frustration of DVD region codes. WHY do they do it? I don't get it. But every region and I believe there are 5...don't quote me on that...has as different way of coding their DVDs and DVD players. The US is region 1.

We received an awesome gift card from my aunt and uncle for Christmas to the amazon UK website, I knew about the codes but found the manual to my 7 year old DVD/VHS player that said I could change the region coding and play anything, fantastic right? So I ordered 18 new DVDs for the kids. They arrived. I plugged in the player and nothing, nada, zilch...the dang thing is dunzo!


So we schlepped to Best Buy in the rain today, talked to the guys in the DVD dept. who told me we could not use anything sold in the store, but the PS3 which is way out of the current budget and even then he only knew we could play foreign games. Found another guy who told me the last one they sold that was capable of that was over a year ago, luck have it they had one in the "open box" aisle, SCORE! No remote but the Phillips machine that died had one so I was told I could use the old remote, awesome right? Wrong...drove home, plugged it in, stupid remote died along with the old machine.


Back to the drawing I checked online and found a few hacker code websites offering ways to un-code the DVD player allowing it to play all regions. Awesome. So back we went to Best Buy to return the Phillips and pick up just a regular DVD/Blu Ray player they had on the "open box" shelf for a great price. Brought that one home and it doesn't work.

Double Sigh

Maybe I should have bought books!

B and I will head back to the store Wednesday while K's in her science enrichment class and try for a 3rd time, 3rd times a charm right? it has to eventually work out...Thankfully I've only opened one DVD so if all else fails we may just return them.

Today was Monday!