Friday, March 25, 2011

The big hand and the little hand

Eating breakfast last week Kaitlyn suddenly looked at the clock, our awesome $5 gold clock that hangs nicely on the kitchen wall and has survived moving 3 states, and said 'Mum it's 8 o'clock, that ones pointing to the 8'.
I explained the hands, little hand and big hand and we talked about the hours and minutes in our everytime we sit at the table she will tell me what time it is, or at least give a very good guess.
"The little hand is pointing to the 6 and the big hand is pointing to the 4 so that means it's 6 o'clock"
I then correct and explain that it's 20 past 6 or 6:20.

Pretty good for a 3 and a half year old, right?

I want to encourage this, so last weekend we found a very cool electronic clock at the consignment sale, the tag said for ages 5 and up...but we're ignoring that since it seems my girl is ready.

Makes me think of all the things she's going to be ready for...starts off small with telling the time and tying shoes, to riding a bike with no trainig wheels to riding the school bus and eventually ready to drive a car and leave for college.

 Pre-K starts in August and she is ready, to get out of our neighborhood we pass the local elementary school and every time we do I hear "Mum I want to go to big school, am I 4 yet" and I answer "no hunny little bit longer and you can go" while screaming on the inside, NOOOOOO it's coming too fast! :( I know she'll love it, I know it's what she needs and my little smarty pants and social butterfly will have the time of her life. But doesn't make the heart break any softer.

That big hand and little hand seem to move awful fast these days!

Happy Friday!