Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th, 2001

Where were you?

It was the second day of my freshman year in college, we (I think my roomate Katey and fellow swimmer Dana) were leaving the cafeteria to go get ready for our 9am classes...I had calculus *groan*. Almost to the door of the cafeteria this tall blonde kid almost knocked me down saying something about NYC being bombed...we thought he was kidding and totally crazy...but ran upstairs to turn on the TV anyway. (BTW I later learned this crazy blonde kid was Darwyn and would later become a friend and business fraternity brother)
Turned on the TV just in time to hear the second tower had been hit...
not sure what had just happened or what to do about it...we left for retrospect we should have/could have stayed and watched...but 2nd day of college, 1st day of Tuesday classes, we didn't want to get into trouble.
I got to class and my professor said if we wanted to leave we could...I stayed...not sure why, I don't think the reality of the situation really hit me, it seemed too surreal. I don't remember much about the rest of the day, I supposed I went through it as normal, as though nothing had happened, just another day...there was a candle light vigil on campus that night, a fellow swimmer Brad, hadn't heard from his Uncle a NYC firefighter...made it a little more real to know someone affected.

I wonder if I'll ever forget where I was that morning, what I was doing and how I found out...I wonder if people who were alive for Pearl Harbor still remember the instant they found out? The day JFK died? etc?
These tragic moments in they become just history? Do we all eventually forget what it really was? Does it become just another page in the history book? by the time my kids are in school learning US history I imagine it will be a few pages, maybe a chapter?


September 13th, 2010 is the begining of our schedule...summer is over or near over and it's time to get rockin and rollin with plans!
I've been working on this for a few nights, not sure if it will post correctly and it still needs tweaking but here is the begining of our organized lives!

umm yeah that's not going to post right at all...but you kind of get the idea :P

Pretty much our day runs from 8:30am to 11:30pm, Blake naps 3 times a day, we have an hour of preschool in the morning and an hour in the afternoons except for Fridays when it's free play or playdates and grocery shopping/errand day. Monday and Thursday evenings Kaitlyn has dance. Wednesday morning we go to the library for an hour. Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday morning of the month we have MOPS  for 2 hrs. I have 3 shows that I currently watch which I'm sure will be added too with the Fall line up (greys, private practice, maybe criminal minds). I plan to exercise 4 nights a week in addition to all the running around I do in the house up and down the stairs! I also need to put in study time nightly.
I have a cleaning schedule in addition to this, so I'm only doing 1-2 rooms a day and laundry doesn't pile up!
My next schedule to be worked on this evening and over the next week is our preschool plan, which letter in which week, how to tie it into what else is going on in our world, art activities and supplies we'll need, how we can incorporate our grocery trip and errands into what we're learning, etc. I'm excited and hoping I can find patience to teach Kaitlyn over the next 9 months!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

8:30 wake up wake up wake up/shower/dressed wake up wake up


9:30 dressed dressed leave for library dressed dressed

10:00 Blake nap Blake nap Library Hour Blake nap Blake nap

10:30 Preschool-work Preschool-outdoor Preschool-work Preschool-Art

11:00 on letter of the time (unlearning) on number of time

11:30 week drive home the week


12:30 TV time/cleaning TV time/cleaning TV time/cleaning TV time/cleaning TV time/cleaning

1:00 time-dwnstrs bedroom time-living/dining/ time-stairs, diaper time-B&K's room time-B&K's bath,

1:30 &bath& laundry hallway laundry & laundry take out trash

2:00 Blake nap Blake nap Blake nap Blake nap Blake nap

2:30 Preschool-work on Preschool-work on Preschool-work on Preschool-outdoor Grocery store/errands

3:00 number of the week letter of the week letter of the week time(unlearning)


4:00 Play Time/Blake nap Play Time/Blake nap Play Time/Blake nap Play Time/Blake nap SNACK

4:30 Play Time/Blake nap



6:00 leave for dance DINNER DINNER leave for dance DINNER

6:30 Dance Dance

7:00 TV time/kitchen TV time/kitchen TV time/kitchen

7:30 clean-up clean-up clean-up

8:00 TV time pj's/teeth/story/bed pj's/teeth/story/bed TV time

8:30 pj's/teeth/story/bed pj's/teeth/story/bed pj's/teeth/story/bed

9:00 Blake bed Blake bed Blake bed Blake bed Blake bed

9:30 Exercise Exercise/shower/pjs Exercise/shower/pjs Exercise/shower/pjs

10:00 Shower/pj's Teen Mom Real World Jersey Shore

10:30 Study

11:00 Study Study Study


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet tooth?

I've never really had a sweet tooth, I grew up in the household with one soda a week, no sweet cereals, one piece of candy a week purchased with pocket money, etc, etc. I didn't like chocolate growing up and would always pass when offered. Once I moved out and was on my own I pretty much kept to this, I'm still not a fan of soda and won't buy sweet cereals for my kids, I don't buy candy and try my best to keep sweet stuff out of my house...
Only ever since I got pregnant with Kaitlyn I can.not eat lunch without something chocolately afterwards...something I thought would go away when she was born. WRONG! I still to this day crave chocolate after lunch. I can't get away from it...

I have tried to avoid it but then I just end up eating more of other stuff...lately my fix is nutella! I figure it's somewhat healthy right? a small spoonful will hit the spot just right. Today while shopping I noticed soft chocolate chip cookies on special, admittedly they found their way into my grocery cart...what's even worse is I've almost finished the box...and they've only been in the house 7 hrs...this is another reason why I cannot buy the junky stuff because once it arrives I eat it until it's gone and that usually occurs within a 48hr period. It's a problem, but only if I create the problem in the first place :P
So while maybe I can still deny the "sweet tooth" title I most definitely cannot give way to the "chocolate addict" title...and now that I've said this I'm off to grab a spoon of nutella or maybe just one last cookie before bed!
Diet starts next week right...LOL see previous post for that joke ;)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're rollin'

Blake is 6 days away from his 4 month birthday and decided today he would roll over from his back to his belly and was quite proud of himself!
I cannot believe how big and strong my little man is...seriously this kid makes my heart burst with his smile and giggles :)
 FRICK FRACKIN' VIDEO WILL NOT WORK...I'll try add it again tomorrow:(

His big sister didn't accomplish this until 6 months or so...bad mummy didn't write it down but I know I have a similar video somewhere and it was definitely after 5 months of age!
I have a feeling my little bubby is going to out grow his 'big' sister in a few months...of course my youngest and last baby will grow up the quickest and end up being the biggest, Murphy you knock on my door far too often :P
Please excuse the silly excited lady in the background...I swear that's not how I sound...really...I'm much cooler in real life ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


How do you  define home? Where you were born? where you grew up? where your parents live? for some people, many people this is all the same place. Not for me...born in one country, spent more than half my life in another and parents lives in yet another country. So where do I define home? Over the years I've always defined it as were my family was, meaning Mum and Dad and my sisters...then Sarah left home, I got married, had my own kids and home became where my immediate family was, where me and the hubby lived.
Then we moved...
Now I feel unsettled, like we aren't home, we're in lingo...
Denver is home, was home for 9 years...I feel like it should and will be home again.
This weekend we went home for the long labor day weekend, it was so nice to be back. Not just to see great friends but the weather...being able to take the kids to the park and not die of heat stroke, needing a sweatshirt or jeans after dark, leaving the windows open was so nice. Denver just feels like home, feels like that's where we belong. Hubby is saying by May we'll be back...since we got into this new industry for his career I've learned not to hold my breath.

We have a network of friends there, a support system and since we moved so much when I was growing up I've learned to lean on friends and appreciate the time together!

This weekend was time with our best friends we stayed at their place and soaked up every minute of time together. We also saw our friends who have kiddos about my kiddos age, for a fun fun playdate at the park.

I miss it...
Denver is home...
Thanksgiving is our next planned trip...
But I have my eye set on May to get back home...
We'll see...