Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're rollin'

Blake is 6 days away from his 4 month birthday and decided today he would roll over from his back to his belly and was quite proud of himself!
I cannot believe how big and strong my little man is...seriously this kid makes my heart burst with his smile and giggles :)
 FRICK FRACKIN' VIDEO WILL NOT WORK...I'll try add it again tomorrow:(

His big sister didn't accomplish this until 6 months or so...bad mummy didn't write it down but I know I have a similar video somewhere and it was definitely after 5 months of age!
I have a feeling my little bubby is going to out grow his 'big' sister in a few months...of course my youngest and last baby will grow up the quickest and end up being the biggest, Murphy you knock on my door far too often :P
Please excuse the silly excited lady in the background...I swear that's not how I sound...really...I'm much cooler in real life ;)

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