Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet tooth?

I've never really had a sweet tooth, I grew up in the household with one soda a week, no sweet cereals, one piece of candy a week purchased with pocket money, etc, etc. I didn't like chocolate growing up and would always pass when offered. Once I moved out and was on my own I pretty much kept to this, I'm still not a fan of soda and won't buy sweet cereals for my kids, I don't buy candy and try my best to keep sweet stuff out of my house...
Only ever since I got pregnant with Kaitlyn I can.not eat lunch without something chocolately afterwards...something I thought would go away when she was born. WRONG! I still to this day crave chocolate after lunch. I can't get away from it...

I have tried to avoid it but then I just end up eating more of other stuff...lately my fix is nutella! I figure it's somewhat healthy right? a small spoonful will hit the spot just right. Today while shopping I noticed soft chocolate chip cookies on special, admittedly they found their way into my grocery cart...what's even worse is I've almost finished the box...and they've only been in the house 7 hrs...this is another reason why I cannot buy the junky stuff because once it arrives I eat it until it's gone and that usually occurs within a 48hr period. It's a problem, but only if I create the problem in the first place :P
So while maybe I can still deny the "sweet tooth" title I most definitely cannot give way to the "chocolate addict" title...and now that I've said this I'm off to grab a spoon of nutella or maybe just one last cookie before bed!
Diet starts next week right...LOL see previous post for that joke ;)

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