Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rain Rain...

stay please!!
I just LOVE the rain and thunder storms, I'm not sure why. I know when I was little thunderstorms used to scare me alot. I remmeber one night in particular living in Groote Eylant and Mum and Dad had gone out for dinner or something and we had a babysitter and a HUGE storm. One of those awesome, light up the sky, huge storms! I was petrified and in tears and our babysitter had me stand on the front porch in our house on stilts and watch the sky with was magical! Haven't been afraid since in fact quite the opposite, I live for a great storm and pelting rain!
I think some of it must come from growing up in the tropics, where you can wear your swim suit and run up and down the hot drive way with the rain pelting down on you! Or dress up in the rarely used raincoats and gum boots and stomp around in puddles. Maybe it all stems from fun childhood memories?  Maybe it has to do with me being born on the coldest, dreariest day in Melbourne where I think Mum said it got dark by 3pm...who knows other than I really love a good storm!
Nothing more beautiful than a rain storm cleaning everything off, bringing new life into the earth...very magical. I could fall asleep to rain every night.

In true Colorado fashion, April showers have's currently storming and pelting rain outside my office window making the skies dark and grey (a rarity around here). Of course we also get the awful tornado warning sirens but if you can drown those out it really is peaceful to just sit and watch the rain.
This is my view at the moment taken by my cell phone inside a window and still captures such beauty in the sky!
We are supposed to move in the next month, hopefully to the great state of Georgia and I really need to look up the local weather and see if they get rain as often as I'd like. We will be living on the river and I can't think of anything cooler than watching the rain come down on the water and splash up!
I could sit here all day and watch, but as I only have 2 weeks left here I should probably do my work and leave a good impression with my boss instead of a blank stare shadowed by rain clouds!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I hope I'm meant to do...

I've never been fully happy with working, I don't know what it is laziness, comfort, ability...I really couldn't tell you but in each of my jobs I've had I've never felt like I was in the right place or doing what I was supposed to...the alarm going off in the morning was a drag and going into work was just what I had to do. I always have questioned how I'm going to do this for the rest of my life and keep trying to change jobs and paths and look into programs to try and find what I will love...I want to be one of those people that wake up in the morning excited to go to work, loves work and feels like they are fulfilled/content with what they do every day. I don't want to waste life in a job I hate.

When I became a Mummy on July 29th, 2007 my hatred and boredom with work became even more intense, didn't help that I had a crappy, crappy, crappy boss for most of Kaitlyn's first year. I really struggled and looked at MANY different options, nursing school, teaching, respiratory therapy, surgical tech, etc. Respirtory therapy sounded fantastic but the schooling didnt' work out so I looked at teaching again, but decided I wasn't cut out to be a teacher yet still wanted a job that made a difference in something and not just a phone answering, client serving mundane position. So Teaching and Learning it is with a hope to get into curriculum development working with the school districts to make a differnce in kids lives in what they learn in the classroom and how it's applied to life instead of just learning to test! I'm a week away from finishing my first year of grad school with CSU Global Campus, it's 100% online and works out great for my life at the moment...and can definitely say I enjoy it, the classes aren't difficult, I like what I'm learning and think that it's going to be a better career for me hopefully one that I can actually enjoy and wake up everyday at least semi excited about going too.

HOWEVER as of May 7th I am going to be a SAHM for a good 2 years, I'll get to finish my degree and spend time with baby boy and Kaitlyn being a Mummy. My real love in life, raising my kids, playing playdough, doing puzzles, colouring, dressing baby dolls, singing songs, dancing, playing in the water, running around at the park and cooking plastic food.

So even if this whole curriculum development thing doesn't work out, I still have a great purpose and that is raising my kids :)