Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taking it all in

I've been spoiled in my younger years, I've seen the sunset over the Mediteranean while a top a Greecian mountain, I've eaten escargot in a French restuarant, run in the fields of Italy with Alpaca's, sloshed in puddles in the middle of London streets, dusted sand off my towel after baking in the Balianese sun and had nightmares after walking the streets of Belfast.

When I was younger I never appreciated much of the travels we encountered, I have had a very blessed life and I now realize that, every breath I take is appreciated and as we begin our family and family travels I have made a promise to myself to take a stupid amount of photos.

We're in a new place and I fully intend to explore what this area has to offer...

 And while picking rocks and dirty leaves wasn't at the top of my brings a lot of smiles and giggles to my 3 year old and that is a task in itself these days as 3 seems to be the new l6 were Mum is so not fun dancing around the living room or singing at the top of her lungs...this Mum is constantly told to stop...but maybe that has to do with my skills more than anything else!

For now I'll take what I can... and besides this kid will smile at silly Mum any day of the week

Keeping up with my intentions tonight we are having Alligator for dinner..I made a side of onion roasted potatoes and fudge brownies for dessert just in case we have to wash down a not so yummy taste...but I'm excited to try a taste of local cuisine!

Just taking it all in...

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Recently I wrote a post about Topics To Avoid, I don't like political agendas I have my thoughts you have yours, I really don't enjoy debating with people except on a friendly level. I personally don't get upset about others doesn't affect my friendship with them and I don't take it personally. However some do and I respect blog isn't a political platform it's not a way to stir up trouble or drama or cause a rift. But it is mine and as this great country allows I can share whatever I please, you have the choice to tune in or tune out.
Going around facebook today is the following video and I can't not share this, it's powerful, it touched my heart...I hope you will at least watch it, if for nothing else but further knowledge!

Powerful message about life

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

Okay some words before y'all call CPS and child labor laws on me...I vaccumed and K then asked if she could have a turn! She LOVES to clean, I can hand her a towel and some spray and she'll go to town for hours, she also like to sweep...girl after my own heart!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The hats I wear...

I always wanted one of those cool, floppy sun hats something chic and oh so cool to sport at the beach...I have yet to find the perfect one or the guts to buy one..

I do however wear a lot of metaphorical hats...

wow it's hard to type that out in order that way, I automatically want to put mother first...I mean what mother doesn't? (well maybe besides Amber on Teen Mom)

But I have learned since becoming a Mum that while my kids may always be at the forefront of my mind the rest of my life did not stop or end or change completely when I had children. I will always be a daughter first and a sister second, I put friend as third since really that's how it happened but in honestly they are at the end of the list priority wise...being a wife next and while in my world I was a mother before a wife I know that my marriage has to take a precedence over my children because once the kids grow up and move out we go to being just the two of us...and lastly but far from leastly I am a mother.

Of course amongst those are the sub hats; masters student, cook, blogger, Christian, MOPS member and social coordinator, homeschool teacher, homemaker, photographer, football fan, cloth diapering mama, coupon searching and

Being a woman is a daily challenge, we answer to so many people.We have our own dreams and expectations nevermind the ones placed on us from everywhere else. Knowing how to juggle our many hats and when to put on each one, how to sport more than one at once is a daily challenge. Sometimes a hat gets dropped or blown away in the wind, is too big or fails to balance with all the others up there. We have our lists of what needs done, who we have to answer to for the day, what order things have to happen, etc. For me doing life with grace and hope and faith knowing we all make mistakes and fail but learn from those mistakes makes me stronger.

And who knows maybe one day I will find that ulta-hip, super cool hat and sport it...maybe just maybe I'll look as cute as this...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall, where are you?

My husband warned me when he picked me up from the airport that it would be hot and humid...I laughed and brushed him off. I'm Australian, I lived in Indonesia...Georgian/Alabaman heat ain't got nothing on me...then I stepped off that plane on May 29th and into the heat. The sticky heat that mattes your hair to your forehead and causes sweat to trickle down your body. The hot, humid HEAT...with no escape.
I immediately wished I hadn't picked jeans to wear that day...but being 2 weeks post pardum my choices were limited...I was exhausted and now exhausted and hot not a good combination.

As we enter the second week of Fall in the South I'm reminded of the day I experienced my first taste of Southern heat...we survived the summer and while I long for sweatshirts and UGG boots and jeans I do love that we can take a walk in shorts and a T at the end of September and still have to wipe the sweat from our brow.

Today we took our first long walk of many...I stuck Blake in Ergo and Kaitlyn in her stroller, grabbed the camera and headed down our street, plastic bag to collect leaves and sneakers tied tight...neither kid complained and both had fun!

Beautiful flower stopped me in my tracks not 10 feet from the driveway

The amazing September sky in Eastern Alabama

My sweet angel enjoy the Fall sunshine in her skirt and shirt!

 My grumpy little man, watching the dog with the upmost curiosity...she is somewhat crazy!

 Southern Fall leaves...I was surprised to discover that the leaves do change colour here and fall from the trees! Maybe the South has hope for 'real' seasons after all :P

I don't think Fall is quite here, despite the down pour of rain last night and the cooler temps today...but I have hope for a Southern Fall and the need for sweatshirts, UGGS and jeans...maybe not for long, but I'm sure they'll be a need!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Menu

We eat cold ceral every morning, I offer granola with blueberries and apple, rice krispies, cheerios, honey bunches of oats, crispix or kix.

Snacks offered: yoghurt, fruit, english muffins with pb and honey, fruit snacks (one per day), frozen waffles (my child is weird and will eat them plain and FROZEN) and crackers with cheese.

MENU OF THE WEEK 9/27-10/3

Lunch- Cheese quesadillas with black beans
Dinner- Tilapia with cream cheese and dill, side of peas

Lunch- MOPS today we will have a big brunch at our meeting
Dinner- Baked Mac N Cheese, side of carrots

Lunch- Egg Salad Sandwiches, side of apples
Dinner- Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, side of turkey rolls

Lunch- Peanut butter and honey sandwiches, side of grapes

Lunch- Turkey and Colby cheese roll ups, side of pineapple rings
Dinner- Homemade pizza with green peppers, mushroom and sausage

Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner-7 layer dip

Lunch- We eat at Evan's grandparents house
Dinner- Fend for yourself