Thursday, September 23, 2010

Topics to avoid...

I was always taught to avoid talking about politics, money or religion with friends...those were subjects you avoided, as it wasn't couth. When I became a parent I learned there are more topics to avoid, how you parent, discipline, breastfeeding, vaccines, leashes, starting solids, etc. And I do avoid these subjects between friends, as my views aren't always the same as theirs...BUT...
I have to say there is one topic that REALLY gets my goat and that is car seats!
The rest of the subjects aren't life and death, they aren't going to make a difference in the life and ability of children but car seats are, they do mean life and death!
Two things:
* Children should be in a 5 point harness until 80 lbs
* Children should be rear facing until they are at least age 2, but better if they max out the car seat, the highest I've found is 33lbs and that is the Britax brand.

I've heard every argument in the book, none of which I find to be valid.
*My kid gets hot...turn on the ac for 5 mins before getting in the car to cool the car down, purchase a battery operated fan to adhere to the seat to keep the air on them.
*My kids legs hit the back of the seat and they are scrunched...well would you rather they have broken legs or a broken neck?
* They like it better facing forward...if you don't turn them around they won't know the differnce!
* They get car sick...this one is harder, as someone who used to get car sick I understand the misery, but if they get car sick rear facing they will get car sick forward facing. Another tip is not to feed them before getting in the car, give them water to sip on and do your best to make trips short as possible.

I have some links that talk more in depth, this first one has a lot of information about spine/neck structure .
Car Seat Safety

Please also make sure the seat is properly installed...

Convenience or life? When it comes to your kids it shouldn't be a tough choice. Spend the money, get the good car seat and protect your kids, vehicles are deadly weapons. While I love Britax there are plenty of good car seats out there that aren't as costly, read the consumer reviews, find the one that fits best of your vehicle and will keep your child safe as possible for as long as possible.
This is one topic I don't avoid, I'd rather hurt a friends feelings then attend their childs funeral.

This is my favorite car seat, the Britax Marathon in Cowmooflage. This is the car seat my son will sit in until he is 65lbs or less than 1 inch from the top of the that time we'll move to the Britax Regent which maxes out at 80lbs.

My daughter sits in a Britax Marathon, she's 3 and 27lbs, she'll be in it till 65lbs...for her that may be age 12!


  1. You go girl! Jordan sat rear-facing until he was 27 months old, and could have gone longer, but I turned him forward facing for our long trip to STL last year, so I could see him better, since it was just me and him for 10 hours! He sits in a Britax Marathon and if I'm not mistaken, it sits rear-facing to 35 pounds. Needless to say, he'll be in a 5-point harness until he maxes out at 65 pounds! I am a HUGE car seat advocate...thanks for this post! :)

  2. Great post! There are actually a few seats that rear face to 40 lbs now. Taura is still rear facing in her marathon. :)

  3. I didn't do extended rear facing with Nik and Jas, as it really wasn't something I knew much about then. But Matty was 2 when we finally turned him.

    Nikki is 11. She isn't 80 pounds yet, but her height is more than allowable for the 5 pt. harnass seats. But I'm one of those mean mom's who won't let her middle schooler ride in the front seat. It angers me when I see the mom's who do.

    Jas is still in the same type seat Matty is in. It's an Evenflo Triumph DLX, and we LOVE it.

    I'm a huge carseat advocate too! SO important!!!

  4. Mandy, I'm so excited as they come out with more and more seats that accomadate children for longer periods of time in safer positions!

    Cara yes height is definitely a factor, as long as they are 1 inch below the top of the seat it is safe. I have a feeling Kaitlyn will be like Nikki, light and skinny!

    I'll force the 5 pt harness as long as I can, looking at the spine and neck growth charts and the maturity of bones is a big factor for me. Kids necks just aren't strong enough, more people would survive car accidents if we all sat in 5 pt harnesses and faced backwards...of course that could make for some interesting driving :P