Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dance! Dance! Dance!

When we first discovered we were moving to Alabama we, or I, decided K would join dance as an activity. I wasn't sure if preschool was going to work out or not, turns out it didn't, and I wanted her to have something structured and social to do. Turns out it's not easy in a small town to find stuff online as it is in Denver. My Mum suggested the library, we found they have a preschool hour on Wednesdays and decided that could be another fun activity. The librarian is awesome and was very chatty, I stayed after the program and talked to her about the area looking for things to do, fairs for the 4th of July, etc. She mentioned a dance school in the near by town which is actually closer to us than the library...I didn't think much of it other than a slight interest.
About a week later we needed to find the post office...low and behold drove right past the dance school the librarian had mentioned! We stopped but no-one was there, so I called to find out about classes. Kaitlyn was super excited!
We tried it out and she wasn't so sure...the second week was worse...which is when they suggested we come to the later class with the younger kids, well DUH I didn't realize she was in the 5 yr old class until they said something, she wasn't even 3 yet! We came back to the later class, MUCH better! Kids her age, she was no longer intimidated and could make friends!
She now goes twice a week from 6:30-7:30pm...which is kind of late but we make it work :) They do a mix of tumbling, ballet and tap and have two recitals. it's pretty intense for three but we've made some friends and she's having a blast. She enjoys showing off her moves to family and friends during the week, toe, stop, toe, stop...Mummy doesn't get to see what she does but everyone else does!

Here is my sweet dancer giggling and avoiding the camera!
She's good too :) I cannot wait for her recitals in Dec. and June...I just hope she'll go onstage!

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