Monday, September 20, 2010

It's the small things...

We had a playdate on Friday with a new friend and her directions weren't the 'best' and she took a wrong turn. Upon discussing her wrong turn she said it took her near a Publix, I was immediatey excited! Publix has hormone free milk as their signature brand, they have awesome produce and since it's in Alabama they take our WIC checks.

Yup, I said WIC...we use government assistance, bring on the tomatos...I'm not embarrassed, I've paid into the system, my husband works and still does pay into the system. Right now he just doesn't make a lot. I imagine when they recheck our income in another 4 months we will no longer qualify. So far it has been an immense help. Hubby has started his new career at the bottom of the barrel like everyone else. He works hard, VERY hard, so hard that I haven't seen him for more than 11 hrs (9 of which we were asleep) in the last week and a half. This is a career that will take him very far, it's just a road to get there!

So yes I was and am excited to hear there is a Publix in our area! To make it even better it's the closest grocery store, closer than Walmart, Kroger and the Piggly Wiggly! Publix is somewhat in the middle of Safeway and Whole Foods, they have a lot of organic products, nice healthy produce, fresh meat, seafood, a good bakery and deli.

We ventured there tonight after dance class tonight (something I won't do again as it was near 8:45 by the time we got home and I hate to drive in the dark) to use our checks for some cereal, bread, milk and eggs! I'm now off to check out the website to see what kind of coupons I can print off, and it's very likely this will become my new store!

Such a small thing, but oh so exciting in my life a SAHM :P

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