Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A summer tradition

We don't have many traditions in my family...we kind of moved around too much for that to really happen. So aside from Christmas there really isn't much the same, except for the last three years my baby sis has spent a week or so of her summer at our house. Now this is a tradition I want to keep! I have two sisters, one is 19 months younger, the other 6 years...funnily enough the one that's 6 yrs younger and I get along better even though our lives are on totally different wave lengths. I love both my sisters equally but the youngest and I have always clicked better than my Irish twin.
This year my sis came out for a full week of fun, met her new nephew and was driven to drink by her 3 yr old niece!
My sis is awesome, at 21 and as someone who never wants kids...a 3 yr old is not really the ideal hang out while on vaycay. But she played puzzles, playdough, colors, ring around the rosey, swimming, tea party, etc, etc, etc.
We played in the water daily and took the boat for a spin, drank some beers and relaxed...I had a great time and despite looking for the ear plugs a few times I think she did too.
This is one tradition I will hold onto as long as I can!

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