Thursday, May 21, 2009

A sense of ones self?

I'm reminded of a conversation I had with my Mum not too long ago about outfits and being/feeling put together. Now keep in mind my mother is a mere 112lbs and about 5'4 she, in the body sense, has nothing to worry about...after 3 big 8lb babies and for being 57 she looks quite fantastic, but who am I to say since she is my favorite person in the world!

Anyway back to the conversation, Mum has a pretty good sense of style despite those Mum jeans she often sports the lady is always nicely dressed, yet claims to feel like she's never really well put together. Funny because I often feel the same way...those leggin's and long shirts seem to look frumpy on me but fantastic on friends, jean skirts show off my white, chunky legs, but make someone elses legs look like a mile long.

I thought maybe I'd do better for Kaitlyn, but alas today she has on capris that are too long, white socks because she has a blister and denim sneakers...somewhat of a vagabon style.

So is it really that way though or is it a poor image of ones self? I for one am not a downer, I know I ain't the skiniest girl in town but I don't despise my body and hey we could all use a little work couldn't we? So why do I think that the long shirt and leggings look great on anyone but me? Why can't I just throw on that chunky necklace with the cute button down shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt and look like the lady walking down the street...or maybe I there someone walking behind me thinking the same thing, gosh I wish I could wear that?

Where does that sense of style come from? Do we all just need to "get over it" and wear what we want? Something I ponder as I pack again for our girls weekend in Chicago...after I tackle the loads of laundry staring me down!

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