Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moving is...

a pain in the rear!

I despise moving, the boxes the overwhelming feeling of just how much stuff your family owns, and the logistics of getting it and fitting it into a new space.

As most know I have ADHD...this makes moving unbelievably hard. I would walk into a room of "stuff" and not be able to accomplish anything because I was too overwhelemed. Literally I just could not do it, physically my body wouldn't function.

Thankfully I have a "git r done" husband who came home after an exhausting week at work and well got it done! He brought a friend from work who helped him load all the heavy stuff and pack up a trailer. NINE car loads, TWO large trailer loads and a small truck load later...we got it!

We made it here, our new house is just outside Atlanta, Georgia and is mostly put together...of course the other side of ADHD is not being able to live in a mess or clutter and NEEDING to have everything done. I have wine glasses to unpack and pictures to put on the wall but mostly we're home and decorated for Christmas. The glassess will have to come up from the basement tomorrow as we need them for mimosas Christmas morning!

I have a stupid amount of pictures to inundate you with, but alas it's 10pm and I'm tired so that will have to wait for another day...hopefully soon.

So I'm here, feeling a bit disconnected and behind in my blogging world but this marks my 95th blog post and my friends we will reach 100 this year...maybe with a surprise involved ;) Gotta have something to make you come back...

I have missed you all! good things are coming...for now enjoy the holiday season, share some magic and cheer and to quote my favourite day time talk show host, be kind to one other!

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  1. Moving is horrible, but thankfully for you, it is done. Enjoy your first Christmas in Atlanta!