Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pleasing and Parenting

Something I struggle with now that I have a three year old, a strong-willed, stubborn, mini-me three year old!
Loving to please people and knowing when to be parent...
I think I get this face at least four times a day lately, tonight I even got the terrible 'I hate you' which when I asked her to repeat what she said, she said 'nothing'...

I love my daughter to pieces but my goodness she gives me a run for my money these know the count to 10 before you say something type of conversation...yep she pushes me there.

She is ridiculously strong willed and VERY indpendent...some might even say she's me!


I hate fighting, I really do, especially with my daughter who's 3...have I mentioned that...she's 3

Latest complaint is I never let her do anything, she tells me this at least 10 times a day while stomping off...'Mum you never let me do anything'

She's THREE!

I fear an insane asylum when she's a teenager, either that or jail for throttling her (only kidding).


She is a good kid, really she is...compared to some 3 year olds I'd say she's pretty fantastic most of the time. When she's not telling me I'm the worst mummy in the world she gets awful cute and will say Mum I love you, to which I always say love you which she then says love you three! Melts my heart <3

So when she asks for a ballon at Publix its hard to say no and watch the big crocodile tears fall from her face and hear but Mum I behave now...yes Kait but you didn't behave for the last 25mins...but I behave now Mum...makes me want to cry...makes me want to please...but I have to remember it's time to parent.

This stuff ain't easy...pleasing and parenting...

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  1. I love the fact that she says she behaves now. Victoria pulls similar tricks and sometimes it's so hard not to give in... but stay strong :) 3 seems to be a very trying age!