Saturday, October 23, 2010


I loathe this word, mostly because it describes me very well. It's Saturday night, 9:21pm and I am sitting in my pj' I have procrastinated showering. I have a few half sewn projects on my sewing table. A Fall wreath a quarter done. Laundry drying on the rack in the living room, my camera sitting next to me plugged in and uploading over 100 pictures. Oh and I haven't blogged in a couple of days.
But mostly I have a final paper due tomorrow night at midnight mountain time.


Procrastination is a big fault of perfectionists, and those of us who suffer from OCD and ADHD. Everything must be done perfect and right and often it becomes too overwheleming and thus is just not done until the anxiety of it all takes over and sleep loses out.


Here I sit on a Saturday night, with plans to finish Blake's overalls before tomorrow, shower and dry/straighten my curly hair for church in the morning, upload and edit pictures from yesterday, write this blog, participate in my class discussion and start my paper...and when I look at what I really did today it hasn't been much. I played with my kids of course that's always a wonderful thing. I did some laundry. I made lunch and dinner. I did some sewing.


I wish I had a solution for it, I have a lot of excuses that surround it but nothing that's really concrete.

Mum always said I learn the hard way...this may just be another one of those times, especially when I know I want to watch Amazing Race tomorrow night.



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