Saturday, November 6, 2010

Awesome, not so awesome...

Thursday was one of those awesome/not so awesome days....

Started off awesome with a lovely view...

Kids played nicely-awesome
Baby stopped doing what big kid wanted so big kid threw a toy at baby's head-not so awesome

Target had a sale-awesome
Bought everything but what I actually walked in the store for-not so awesome

Cooler weather brings long pants, cute hats and sweaters-awesome
Windy days make for a whiney dog and no chance at suning diapers-not so awesome

Cleaned out kids closets-awesome
All pants fit big kid in the waist but are too short-not so awesome

Made a delicious dinner-awesome
Big kid wouldn't eat it-not so awesome

However just as it started it ended...awesome

Today is Saturday and Saturdays are always awesome! 
*****Don't forget to soak up that extra hour of sleep and Fall Back...I typed a memo to the kids, we'll see if they get it in time ;) *****

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