Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lobsters and Monkeys and Lions oh my

Growing up we didn't celebrate Halloween with costumes and trick or treating...it's really an American holiday. The candy, parades, costumes, scariness, orange and black decor, etc.

In 8th grade, the year we moved here, I got all excited to dress up and went out as an Aussie rugby player and went trick or treating. The years following it wasn't too cool to dress up so we typically watched a scary movie (not something I enjoy) and hung out.

College brought on a whole new level of costumes combined with the rest of debauchary that college brings...we'll leave that in the past!

Then I had kids, Halloween took on a whole new meaning! How much fun is it to play dress up? combine that with everyone else playing with you and receiving a reward of candy for doing so...no wonder kids dig this holiday!

Kaitlyn's first year she was a lobster, Daddy worked in a seafood restaurant so it seemed natural...this year we tried in on Blake too just for effect...
Kaitlyn, 3 months October 2007
Blake, 5 1/2 months October 2010

Kaitlyn's second year of Halloween she was a monkey...she was a monkey so it was a natural pick!

Kaitlyn 15 months, October 2008

Blake 5 1/2 months, October 2010

Yes my kids are slightly different in weight and height....Kait's on the less than 3% end and Blake is on the 98% end!

 This year Kaitlyn was a lion, she 'raaaaaaaaaaaared' and all! I was suprised she didn't want to be Dora or a Princess or something else of that popular nature and quite happy actually since we had this costume in the closet...

We attended Orange Fest at our Church on Sunday night and had a ball, they had preschool appropriate games and candy, a puppet show, bouncy houses, a fire truck to explore, food, vendors with arts and crafts, hay rides, train rides and pony rides! Oh and how can I forget face painting! We arrived around 4:30pm expecting to hang out for about hour and ended up staying until they shut it down at 7pm.
Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween...I'm off to see if there is anything good left at the bottom of Kaitlyn's candy bag :P

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