Thursday, November 18, 2010

Moving right along...

I feel like I haven't had time to breath lately...and if you'd entered my house not three hours ago you literally wouldn't have been able to breathe since I took the kids outside for the beginnings of our holiday shoot and forgot about the black beans on the stove simmering for tonights dinner, they burnt, the pot is ruined and my house smells like burnt toast...we have been so busy, my brain apparently hasn't had time to catch up to today's activities!

Sunday my sweet little baby boy hit the 6 month mark...he also sits by himself and has TWO teeth! I'm sorry but whoever told him he could grow up can you let him know Mama isn't ready for such a big boy :( 

Oh and he wants to crawl so ridiculously bad that he'll get on his hands and knees and rock and then gets MAD when he can't go anywhere!  
 Saturday we were invited to our first birthday party since moving here, a little boy in K's Church class turned 3 and had a bounce house at the playground. We had an absolute blast and are so thankful to be making new friends!
 In light of being so ridiculously busy and having a bubs that can now sit on his own, bath time has become a multi-tasking event with two in the tub...although I think that makes it HARDER for mama and I end up soaking wet with two kids who think it's hilarious to splash each other and the mama in the process.
Friday I chucked them both in the tub though and they LOVED it!

B is teething, that in itself makes things more of a challenge as he does not enjoy being put down and his mouth hurts :(
Tuesday we went to a craft to come about my fun new project...I spent 8 hrs making this thing in what I could do in probably 2...but B wasn't having it!

I need a catch up day, one for cleaning, one for cooking, one of crafting, one of editing photos, one for movies and snuggles with my kids, definitely one for blogging...anyone got some free time to share? Cause I need some!

On-ward and up-ward...we rally, we make it through the day, we are happy...we'll catch up eventually right?


  1. Great pictures Lisa! Do I spy a bib from KA on there? Ben has a B bib too from her :)

  2. Yes! I love that bib, need to order more :)

  3. Actually both bibs he has on are from KA :)