Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's a balancing act

one I'm still figuring out!

I LOOOOOOOOOVE to clean, love the look of clean, the smell of clean and the act of clean...something to do with the perfectionist in me and the OCD tendencies I have maybe? Or maybe I'm just a bit weird, ha like we didn't already know that. Vaccuming is a de-stressor, especially when kids are driving me nuts. K is scared so will sit on the couch and watch and I snap B into the baby sling and away we go making perfect lines and sucking away all the dirt and ickiness that accumulates on the floor....well little ickiness since we do NOT wear shoes in my house, ever and yes I will make you take them off at the door :)

I also love to craft, working on my side business www.etsy.com/shop/fantasticframes2 yep I opened one up after a little shove from a good friend. I've donated a few of them and hope that will drum up more business. If nothing else they are fun to make and give me my creative outlet.

I love to shower, my shortest managed shower is 8 minutes and that was the worst, typically I spend 20-25 mins under the water and yes I know I'm a terrible environmentalist but it's my one escape from the day and my love of peace and quiet with the water running down my back...I get lots of thinking done in there!

I love spending time with my kids, dancing, playing on the floor, building blocks, doing art, cooking, running around outside, etc, etc, etc.

I love to blog when my thoughts are in working order...

I have to do homework
I have to pay bills
I have to take care of the dog
I have to make breakfast, lunch and dinner

I like to watch TV at night...

So how does it all fit in the day? When is it okay for a messy house to well just be messy, at this point my kitchen may be a little beyond that and it's giving me anxiety every time I look at it...but B is asleep and I can't clean in there when he's sleeping since he it's a light sleeper. Its the daily question of showering while baby sleeps or playing with and giving K individual time...although lately since she's somewhat a trouble maker we combine and she comes into the bathroom and we chat or she reads me a story.

It's a balancing act and somedays I'm much too heavy on one side and light on the other, I doubt I'll ever figure this thing called parenting to a perfect balance but I'm not sure that's even possible...at least in my world! But we're having a heck of a ride while we're here and as long as we go to warm beds with full bellies and smiles on our faces I think we'll make it though!

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  1. Oh Lisa, when you find out how to perfectly balance it all, please share the secret! I don't stay home, but my husband does so I do get out of a bit of the housework since he's getting into his routine but I have no idea how to get it all done, and have time for everything else we want and need to do!! Keep up the good work... and much luck in your business!!