Monday, February 28, 2011

we've been busy...

The weather has been amazing, for February this is weird for me, I'm not accustomed to sunny days meaning outside time...usually sunny days still meant bundle up cause it's still about 30 outside. We've been soaking in every minute of it and I've made a point of going outside after lunch before the little ones naptime.
It's a refreashing part of the day, the phone stays inside and we just soak up the sunshine, play with the dog and have fun running in the yard, picking flowers or finding sticks. We have a really nice big, backyard at this house, I WISH it was fenced in but we make do :)

Kaitlyn's been learning to ride her bike...we differed on how to teach her, for some reason Daddy didn't think she needed to learn how to stop???? his argument was she'll just keep stopping when she gets scared. Male logic? who knows, so we did his way for a little bit but when she started stopping with the toes of her new summer shoes Mummy won the argument and she's been taught to push back on the peddles to stop! Still a little fearful of going down the slopped driveway but we're getting better daily and it's her favorite nag...which I won't complain about because it could be much worse :)

I never thought I'd say this, but I cannot wait for Blake to walk, he is 20lbs at 9 months old and H.E.A.V.Y! He's also a squirmer, fast crawler and into everything. But carrying him around is killing my back...much to the grievence of my friend who works at a chiropractors office I hadn't done anything about it. She set me straight and I've been to see Dr. Annie twice now, the first time it just hurt alot then and a lot after, Saturday I was in more pain that before...I went back today and she adjusted me again and will see me Thursday. I've been icing it as much as possible since sitting down for 20 minutes at a time is a rarity it's usually at night that this happens.

 My little princess in her dress, LOVES to play in the dirt...I swear if she hadn't come out of my belly I wouldn't believe she was mine. She is a walking disaster, doesn't care if she's dirty, leaves a mess everywhere, plays in the dirt and sand and loves running around outside. Granted I 'may' have enjoyed those things as a child as well but in my old age, of nearly 28 holy moley, I have a rather large ick-factor-phobe, dirt, sand, grim, etc I have a rough time with it all. I end up washing my hands probably 75 times a day, plus a shower in the am. Needless to say I need a good lotion, I've tried a ton but so far the best is the Mary Kay satin hands! I've never been so impressed it works well and it worked if I could find the same thing for my grotty feet I'd be happy...should ask Kellie if they offer something similar!

 Case in point, leaf in unbrushed hair, dirt all over from rolling on the ground.

 I fear I have become 'one of those' people who walks the gender line. My son is outside barefoot and eating grass, doesn't bug me. My daughter however must have on shoes and we wash hands immediately after playing in the dirt. I don't know why I do this or how to just be cool with both of them being kids in the dirt...something I most definitely need to work on. 

We haven't found many friends here yet, I have found a wonderful church but with a congregation of 3200 plus people it's been a bit difficult to connect with others. But I did go to a newcomers class and found a mums and tots group to attend so hopefully with more time in smaller groups I'll make some new friends!  :)
Thanks to babyzone I do know some wonderful ladies within a 45-60 min drive that we've made time to get together a few times in the last month which has been great for me, Adult conversation!!!! and great for the kids to have an unstructured playdate.

*Blaire is about 2 weeks old than Blake*

In our beautiful big backyard we have a huge magnolia tree...according to my MIL it will bloom beautifully in the late spring/summer, I'm excited and have been scouring craiglist for a patio set to put on the back deck so we can enjoy it in all it's glory!!

Oh and our internets back baby! So I'm here, and hopefully will be back to blogging weekly, its a great outlet and seems to help my grumpy moods disappear pretty quick! To quote Joey from Friends "I'm back baby!"

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  1. Love the pictures, as always!
    Blake is standing so well, but I hear you on the walking. I think quick crawling is worse!

    You can always use Satin Hands on your feet :) But Mary Kay use to have some awesome pedicure sets with foot mask and such - it's generally a seasonal item though, but ask Kelly because it's fabulous!