Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Blake started with a snotty nose last week, that ran like a faucet. That night I heard the horrible, deep barking that gives the tell tale sign of croup settling in...my boy had the sickies!
He wanted nothing but mama's lap or shoulder and lots and lots of cuddles. I would wake up in the middle of the night his little body as close as it could get to mine with deep breathes fighting off the sickies. We were going to try out a music class but decided with that deep barky cough we'd be better off at home. No fever and my boy fought it well, still has a big of a runny nose and some junk in the chest but he's a trooper...Daddy could take some lessons!
With Summer right around the corner the weather was kind to us the last few days and the little red line on the thermometor travelled past 80 last week bringing lots of outdoor time and sunshine full of vitamin D to help fight off those icky sickies.
We have a large lot with plenty of room to run and play and it's being put to good use, both the back and front yard! We love to people watch out front and most neighbors slow down to wave or check out the silly littles in the front yard being followed around with the crazy camera lady.
 I love the flowers in the neighborhood...I would say our yard but this bush is just over the property line, thank goodness for zoom lens right? Pollen is everywhere making my poor husband sniffle and snuffle and me ever so grateful to have avoided allergies. I drug the garbage can out yesterday and instead of the brown lid I was faced with a yellow speckled one! I like the windows and doors open with fans running and will avoid the air conditioner as long as the humidity will allow...but if that's whats on the garbage can outside I may have to re-think open doors and windows for fear of what will float indoors!
The better part of the spring is the thunderstorms, just when the heat gets to be a bit much and I start to think 'man it's going to be a hot summer' God prevails and the skies open! I love me a good thunderstorm, sheets of lightening and the clash of thunder so loud the house shakes and the kids move closer wide eyed and curious at the sounds mother nature brings!
Sometimes so loud we hide under the couch...well not really, a discarded toy under the couch caught his eye, and he went in after it only to realize the space was quite small and his arms not quite capable of getting him back out. Of course mama needed a picture of the sillies before coming to his rescue!

Indoors and out we are taking advantage of what the weather brings and having fun! Sickies are gone and we hope they never invite themselves back.

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  1. Poor babies and momma. Hope you're all fine for now.

    Those irises are gorgeous. We have two iris plants that are in our planter just by chance. We literally do NOTHING to them, no pruning, no watering, nothing, and they still bloom every year. I love them. I took some pics of them yesterday but I can't get my computer to read my camera card. :/