Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So much for planning...

I had this great idea I'd post all the time and be this awesome blogger that everyone would want to read...yeah last post was over a month ago. Reality kicked in and I have two kids, one high energy and one quieter and into the cuddling.
Here are some updates on us and a potentially broken promise that I'll be back more often than not...

My shaggy little almost one year old was in dire need of a new haircut, a friend reccomended Pigtails and Crewcuts. Tucked away in a small strip mall about 20 mins from our house we found the shop, it's a franchise and this one was awesome. The ladies whisked the kids right away into their car off choice and started cutting...B was none to thrilled with the thought of scissors near his ears but we walked away unscathed and a pretty even big boy do.

New do and helping mama with the housework...since apparently I don't do a great job, B makes sure to re-do it :P Love this sweet kid of mine and wondering how long he'll enjoy pushing a vaccum around!

 He loves to climb. He loves to climb. He loves to climb. Everytime I turn around he's figured out how to get onto something else...fireplace - check, coffee table - check, big sisters art desk - double check, couch -working on it!

Easter weekend was awesome. My mother-in-law came in on Friday late afternoon and hung out with us through Wednesday. Saturday we checked out a local church festival and K had a BLAST at the egg hunt, took her a minute to catch onto the concept and then it was game on. She even managed to help out baby brother with a few of his own, though my little man did manage to grab two on his own.

Easter morning the bunny had paid our house a visit and the kids happily gathered up eggs. B found a couple and then was more interested in opening his stash to see what was on the inside.
 Grandma bought a Tangled, it's a new favourite.
 It is awfuly painful to get a family photo were we all look decent...this was attempt 3 or 4 I believe and about the best of the bunch.

Been slowly working on my camera skills and attempting to get better, and was recently added to a photographing mamas group which gave me a nice little ego boost and I didn't think I was 'cool' enough to dip my toes in that water. One of the questions was what is our goal as a photographer in the next year...think it would have to be simply to get better. I'd love to be able to sell my prints and have people interested in what I capture...but that may be a long term goal when I have more time to play and shoot and not have my attention called in other directions. 

My little man turns one on Saturday...we're in preparation for his day. I'm faced with lots of bittersweet emotions. For now it's semi-denial :D

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