Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The differences

When I first found out I was having a boy I was excited, partly because my husband was over the moon and partly because it was better than being anxious about having a boy! I mean I'm a girl, I have two sisters, my daughter is (obviously) a girl...I didn't know boys.

When he was placed in my arms, all the anxious feelings disappeared and he was my sweet little boy! In many ways he is still so sweet and kind hearted...he is however ALL boy!  He is destructive, loud, busy, silly, messy and rough.

My house is never clean anymore, which if you really know me is difficult for me to handle.

K is not this way. Case in point right now she is happily playing in the playroom with her dolls by herself.  She's contained and fairly quiet.

My little man does not do this, he pulls everything off the shelves, throws stuff around, pulls things out, leaves stuff everywhere and does not play alone! Currently his favourite activity is playing with the glass doors on the fireplace and putting random things in the fireplace. I mean really? Oh he also loves to climb and bang his head against the wall.

In our last house, in Denver, we had barely any child proofing...a simple elastic band around the chemicals kept K out, a foam pad on the fireplace just in case and the essential outlet covers....she never messed with anything.
In this house we have outlet covers, all chemicals in the top cupboard, baby gates everywhere, doors must be closed to rooms, etc. B gets into EVERYTHING!

Amazing how different they are and also how much of the same characteristics they have, just now they are starting to play together and while K is still pretty rough with her baby brother it's sweet to see their interaction. And I will take as many pictures as possible to torture them with when they are older and fighting like cats and dogs.

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  1. ugh, i know your pain all too well. i was hoping as my little girl got older she would be like i was (and still am) as a child and clean like a freak! i was hoping that my cozy little home would stay beautiful and little pick up would be necessary. boy was i wrong. she is my one and only and she is just like her father. and from what i am hearing just like your little boy! the one thing i can be thankful for is she will play by herself but makes a dramatic mess and she will help me do dishes and clean bathrooms (although i dont prefer her to do toilets lol) so does this mean if i have a boy he will be like me? bwahahaha