Thursday, May 7, 2009

Job hunting...

Beyond frustrating to searcBoldh for a new job for 5 months and then all of a sudden recieve FOUR offers in the span of two weeks. None are ideal, none pay what I want (but what job does), none are going to get me anywhere but to the bank with another paycheck. And thus the decision is harder...two would be a lot of fun, two are what I have been doing for the last year and a half. One would require moving Kaitlyn to a new daycare; I looked at it today and do really like it! It has a great curiculum and seemingly very kind teachers plus our friend "Yucca" attends as well and "Titi" and "Yucca" could play on Thursdays...which would be great! This same one would allow me to work with a great friend too and part time too a dream of this Mum for awhile.
Evan's answer is do what you want babe just don't kill us financially...lot of help that is...Dad has talked to me a few times about it...Courtney, Jen and Kristen are tired of my rambling about it.
Lindsey said take what will make you the most happy...
Sigh lots to think about and pros and cons to be considered, tomorrow I might just make an old fashioned list.
Hey maybe Evan will close a big account soon and I can just be the best housewife/mama instead:)

Decision needs to be made by Friday...I'll update once my brain smooths itself out and comes to a conclusion I'm happiest with...

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