Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last week of being a SAHM...

I accepted an offer...and I'm excited about it I think:) I'm sad about not seeing Kaitlyn all day and not having our morning snuggles watching Elmo and sitting in pj's until just before 11am when Evan came home for lunch. I'm sad I don't get to sit in the sun with her and draw in chalk on the back patio and play in the water table. Kick the ball around or play tag. Sad we don't get to walk to the park and play on the swings or take lazy naps together in the afternoon. BUT there is the weekends and I know bringing in more money for our family is the smartest and best move I can make right now. Who knows maybe Evan will start hitting the big accounts in the next year or so and I'll be back home without the stress of figuring out what bills to pay when and not have any late:) Until then I'm back in the office working for Lerner Financial. I'm lucky I am going to get the hours I want, 7:30am to 4pm allowing me to spend more time in the afternoon with my crazy family:) I'll be dealing with clients as the "Client Relationship Manager" a job I feel I will truly enjoy with a boss who I feel will be more understanding, easier to communicate with, and a pleasant change from the last year and half of misery I endured.

Kaitlyn and I have spent the week together and it's been fantastic, although I could have done without all the "no!" s today offered, but thus is life with a toddler! She did get a new rash guard long sleeved shirt today and life vest for the proposed venture on the boat this weekend with "Anny" and "Dadda". i'm sad I don't get to see her first trip on the water but hope Evan will take some pictures for this photograph crazed Mum! I also snagged a new swim suit for myself today, actually two. One for sunning and one for working out in...ha you might say to that last statement but I would really love to get back in the pool this summer with some strenuous workouts! For now Courtney and I have decided to get Denver city park passes for the summer to take the kids to the pool and get a workout in...we'll see what the next couple of weeks brings for our decision process.

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