Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trials of a toddler bed

Easter Sunday Kaitlyn climbed out of the pack 'n' play...
April 27th she climbed out of her crib...
April 27th I moved her crib down to the lowest level...
May 10th she showed me how she could climb in and out of her crib...
May 10th I switched her bed to a toddler bed!

So far she has yet to actually fall asleep in her bed...everynight around 9pm I find her with her pillow, "mi-mi" and "raddit" sleeping next to the baby gate.
She is also refusing to nap making afternoons very trying for all involved!
I'm hoping she'll soon get the idea that bed is WAY more comfortable than the floor...but if she's going to sleep in her room who am I to fight it!

Not something I thought we would be doing this early in the game, 21 months old and in a big girl bed, tear! If you can keep your kids in their cribs do it for as long as you can!!
p.s I know there is some tent thing you can but to put over the crib to keep them in but I just cannot get onboard with that idea and this had to happen sooner or later may as well deal with it now before I head back to work and sleep deprivation is more of a pain than it is now!

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