Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vail here I come!

I'm in the process of'd think this would be an easy task for a weekend in the mountains but I am not good at packing! It involves a process of pulling out and laying out outfits, wondering about and checking weather, and sometimes making a list...sigh I always forget something even with this ridiculous process I go through! Usually it's the important things too like pajamas or toothpaste. So far I think 2 pairs of jeans, three going out shirts, a t-shirt and skirt, pj's, black heels and flip flops, swim suit *2 and comfy clothes for schlepping around the spa in...

Anyway Kylee, Morgan, Jenny, Lindsey and I are headed to Vail tomorrow afternoon for a weekend of fun! Nights at the bars and a day at the spa...a much needed vacation before heading back to work on Monday! I can't wait:) Oh and I hear Jenny's crab cakes are too die for so dinner Saturday night should be delish!

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