Tuesday, June 23, 2009

26 years later...

Happy Birthday to me...(yesterday) It was a so so birthday this year, no extravagent party, no huge dinner, small gifts, and no new outfit. Not sure how I feel about all of that, I did get a ton of very nice birthday wishes on facebook from all my lovely friends and felt special that way. I guess birthday's have always been such a big deal, even Dad asked what presents I got and besides the gift card from he and Mum and the gift card from MIL & FIL and some flowers from Evan I didn't get any other presents...Dad was shocked :) lol God love him for always making our days so special growing up!
Maybe the older you get the less extravagent parties need to be? I certainly don't think they are any less important!
Goal is to do 26 right and enjoy each year as it comes, this year I'd like to lose 25lbs...and then put it right back on my getting pregnant! lol we shall see what the year has in store for me!

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