Wednesday, July 22, 2009

where has the time gone?

And another month later and no posts from me...blogging just hasn't been a priority. I started my masters on June 29th with CSU Global and so far it's great. I initially thought about doing the organizational leadership program but have since changed to teaching and learning. The ultimate goal is to become a Director of program development for students in a K-12 setting, although that may quickly change to college level. I'm only in my first class so we'll see where the journey takes me. It's nice being back in school, of course juggling Kaitlyn, work, homework, being a wife, keeping the house in some sort of organized chaos can be tiring but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right...right?

Kaitlyn's 2nd birthday is next Wednesday...I cannot believe my baby is going to be TWO! When did she get so big and where did two years go? Her Aunty Andrea (AA) is coming into town for the celebration and we are going to do a family dinner Wednesday night, Thursday night we're off to the Wiggles concert with Luca and Courtney, Friday we might go to the zoo or something fun with my sis and then Saturday is the party! We are doing a beach theme and I'm making the cake again, this year we'll do a sheet cakes with a beach scene (waves, sand, umbrella, towel and lots of fishes). I'm pretty excited to do it and hopefully the vision in my head is close to the vision we'll have at hand :) The IL's will be coming in as well, not sure on what day but I know my MIL is eager to help out, which we are grateful for...

Sleeping has become a nightmare again, I swear this kid will get it right one day! She did sleep through the night last night, but woke up GROUCHY! tonight is an early bedtime, that's for sure! Andrew has been offering his excellent culinary skills to us for the last two nights and supposedly the rest of the week since we watched their 205lb Mastif for 10 days while they were in Florida. It's amazing food, but we haven't been getting home until 9:30 and that's WAY late for miss Kait to get to bed. Tonight we might skip it, so she can get some sleep and I can get some homework he is potentially going to a concert.

Maybe one month updates will be easier for me to keep track of and remember:) although I think i'll post some birthday pics next week...just that memory of mine that needs some grease!

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