Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kaitlyn's Birthday Week!

Well 4 days really but who's counting...Her birthday celebrations started on the actual day, Wednesday the 29th donned in her cute "Birthday Girl" t-shirt she had yummy cupcakes and a little celebration at school, we had her favourite for dinner (the infamous mac and cheese) and then I headed out to pick up Aunty Andi from the airport and ice cream. Wednesday night we opened family presents....I think she made out pretty well!

Oh and don't forget the 55 gal fish tank, curtosey of Grandma and Grandpa!

Thursday the festivities continued with a trip to see The Wiggles, a team of 4 guys from Australia who are EXTREMELY talented and it's all for kiddos! We met up with Luca and Courtney and headed to Broomfield Event Center, taking a picnic dinner along. I was very impressed with the show, they kept it going seemed to do a little improv when it didn't completely work out and the show was colourfull and entertaining for kids and adults! It lasted an hour and a half and we didn't have any whinning or boredom, from 2 two year olds that's pretty impressive!
The kids had a blast dancing and attempting to sign along with all the songs! It was money well spent and I would go again :)

Friday I took off work and we headed to the mountains with my sister. It's about an hour and a half drive to Breckenridge, unfortunately it took us closer to 2 since we seemed to hit every traffic bump on the drive. We found ample parking though and it was nice to get out and stretch our legs, Kaitlyn was definitely happiest and I'm still riding on the fact that she may have inherited my car sickness since she seems to get very unhappy on a drive longer than 30mins. We found the BEST pizza place for lunch, a tiny little shop...something that started with a "G" and was very italian...it was delicious pizza and Kaitlyn ate half a slice of a huge slice! (I'm telling you anything with cheese for this kid) After lunch we wondered around, avoiding the rain in various tourist shops and stopped to partake in the free gold mining event going on...nothing turned up but it was fun to try and sift through all the sand and rocks!

It started to rain a bit harder so we headed up the mountain, took a few pics at the scienic view spot, got lost on the back gravel roads for about 30mins and then started the drive back home! This time, although I hate to admit, I turned her car seat around :( it was a much better drive for all of us and think that we'll just have to do that for the longer drives.

Arriving home around 4:30pm we met up with Evan and his parents and made plans for dinner at Champs that night.

My sis and I then let Kaitlyn have some time with grandparents while we snuck off to do some shopping at the Park Meadows mall.

Friday night we attempted to start the birthday cake...failed miserably the first time but after a quick run to the grocery store at 10pm we managed to produce two quality cakes ready for icing the next morning!

PARTY DAY!! Saturday was the actual party and it was a BLAST! we had about 20 people come over with 7 kids total. I served bacon wrapped stuffed jalepaneos, chicken dip, 7 layer dip, and homemade mac and cheese for the kids and for a side. Evan manned the grill and we had brawts and burgers for everyone else, coolers full of beer, soda and juice and of course the fantastic cake, decorated my me and Andi! The kids played in the blow up pool and with the water table and by about 1pm kids and maybe some adults where ready for a nap! Andrew and Kylee bought Kaitlyn a 6 week old little black kitten to play with who is VERY cute and very playfull! I sadly had to duck out and drop my sis at the airport (which we later found out her plane had been delayed!). When I got back Kaitlyn opened all her presents from our fabulous friends, took a brief nap and we headed out to dinner at Chili's. A very spolied little girl with a very festive few days! Thank goodness there is a year between birthdays:)


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