Friday, January 29, 2010

Organization freak

I have learned over the years that I need to be organized or it stresses me out and I get aggitated. I need to know what's going on and when and how...take for example trips to Europe with my parents. Dad would love to just wonder around without any real direction seeing sights and exploring different attractions...I on the other hand get VERY annoyed when we have no plans and don't know where we are going! The cause for many fights btwn me and my parents during the teenage years! My newest stress factor is our living situation for the next 12-15months.
We made a plan to move to NE so I could be closer to the in-laws (good or bad idea I haven't yet decided) and get some help with the kiddos. Since Evan will be traveling 6-8 months a year we figured it would be smarter for family to be close by. Great plan set in stone, we'll leave Colorado in March to buy a new home and get all set up before baby boy is due in May...and FAIL. We cannot get a loan this year due to the newness of Evan's job and the fact that I will not be transfering to a new job or working at all come April.
So now what?
Plan B is stay in our current home, move to NE in July so Kaitlyn can get into a preschool in Sept. and then buy next Spring.
Problems...we don't have anywhere to set up for baby but our room
...we are going to have to go by trust and pictures to find a house to rent in NE for July 1st
...moving with a newborn and an almost 3yr old oh and a postpardum crazy lady (me)
...Being in a house for just a year then moving yet again this time with a 1yr old and 4 yr old.


Not my idea of structure and organization....
plus looking a pictures of cute nursery's all set up for new babies is NOT helpful!

You may ask why don't we just move to NE in March as planned and rent...well Kaiser is my insurance company for delivery and of course they don't have coverage in NE, not even a sister company or something that would help me out. So we HAVE to stay in Colorado at least until baby is born.

As my friend Courtney said "it will work out" and I'm trying my very best to hold onto that thought!

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