Thursday, February 11, 2010

14 more weeks!

Until we add to our family...nervous, excited, scared, happy...all of the above! Not only are we adding to the family but it's a boy...wth do you do with a boy? LOL girls I know, I am one, I have one, I have two sisters...girls I get. Boys are a whole new universe! One I'm anxious to figure out but know I will in time :) It will be nice when I have a complete pain (in the butt) 15yr old daughter and cool as can be 12yr old son to look back at this post and say universe smuniverse boys are great...except for the whole sinky socks thing which this mama doesn't do!
We have everything (ahem almost everything) set for his arrival, clothing, bed, swing, all the bits and pieces needed. Thanks to my hubby who let me shop and my wonderful friend Courtney who gave me all her son's hand-me downs!
Now just to see how much longer my body can handle this baby...already feeling huge and sore, waddle is in full effect, back aches from my ever growing chest, hips are killing me and now sleeping has become a challenge...bubs is definitely up around 5am because he kicks me like crazy and I am now awake on and off from about 5am making the days loom ahead and the 2-4pm hours a struggle!

Back to the having "everything" ready for baby...all the materialistic stuff, only thing really missing which he might actually need is a NAME! We just cannot agree, everything I love he hates and vice versa! We both semi like one name but I just don't know if I want to settle, I'm still convinced there is the perfect name out there for our little man we just haven't stumbled across it yet. We need to wipe our slates clean and start over again, my mission this weekend is to find a HUGE book of baby boy names and go through and make a list of my top 10, excluding all prior suggestions...which is going to be a tough challenge.

Thank goodness we have 14 more weeks :)

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