Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm ready for a new page!

Time seems to be moving pretty quickly...although now I've said that I'm sure it will just stop! I'm at 33 weeks today and feeling quite enourmous, I don't remember being this big last time but surely must have been, my fundal measurements are measuring perfect so it's not like I'm having a bigger baby this go around or anything different, err scratch that I was up quite a few pounds when I got pregnant this time as opposed to when I got pregnant last time so that could be some of the problem...Evan keeps commenting that I'm bigger and his ever so lovely "its going to be a 13lber" remarks drive me quite crazy! Maybe a bit bigger than Kaitlyn but I don't think much, for some reason 7lbs 13ozs comes to mind and 20inches...Kait was 7lbs 3.75 ozs and 19.25 inches...we shall see :)
Here is my montrocity (is that how you spell it? never was a good speller!) of a belly last week at 32wks, I'll take another one next week once we hit 34wks...
Also somewhere along the line I developed a rear end...something I've never had before! And yes I take these in the bathroom at work, I'm there, the mirror is clean unlike the rest of the bathroom and its full length so why not? :)

We've also finally decided on a name but thought it would be kind of fun to keep it a surprise for most people until the day he arrives! Since it took us a good 12 weeks to come up with a name we love I don't wish to have any "oh" type comments...not that it's a weird name or anything but you know some people just can't fake that reaction like they should! ;)
So 8 of our friends know plus our parents and my youngest sister, haven't told Bear yet but we haven't talked recently for me to bring it up...so unless it's been mentioned by the rest of the family she can be surprised too! Although I think Mum's told Gran, who's probably told the Kennedy crew...I don't mind a bit if family knows though! :)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow at 4pm when I can switch the calendar over to April, ready to see the next page and get closer to the arrival of my son and the completion of our family...

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