Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring are you there? maybe?

Today hasn't been the best of days, it's our 2 yr anniversary that ended before it even started since my "lovely" husband was a jerk all day yesterday and escalated into an even bigger jerk last night. So I didn't wake up with a "happy anniversary, love you babe" I woke up to my alarm, got dressed kissed my angel goodbye and came into work...didn't even set eyes on the husband. Since today was supposed to be a nice, enjoyable, reflection day and instead it went down the pooper I decided I needed to enjoy myself anyway and grabbed lunch at Panera...okay between the Panera Bacon Turkey Bravo and Jason's Deli California Club I could live happily and not eat anything different ever again and nope it's not just pregnancy hormones talking...I've loved these sandwiches since discovery probalby 5 yrs plus years ago! JUST YUM!

Escaped from my work torture chamber and drove out to get my Bacon Turkey Bravo deliciousness! When I got back I decided last minute to sit outside and enjoy the 60 plus degree weather and amazingly clear Denver skies. Since moving into our new office we have an awesome front garden area complete with water fountain and picnic the middle of the DTC it's a nice change from building upon building! We have a nice little view off to one side that is almost building was a nice relaxing 15-20mins minus the odd Indian lady who felt the need to stare at me the whole time!?!
Now my calendar in the office says Spring officially started on Saturday and I'd believe them if not 15mins after coming back in from lunch I got a beep on my phone from weather bug saying "storm warning" through tomorrow evening and snow predicted...but wait I really should belive the calendar b/c I live in the state of Colorado and Spring time means any temp from 30 degrees to 70 degrees!
So maybe it really is Spring and I just have to enjoy the weather as it comes :)

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