Thursday, March 18, 2010

NCAA Tournament time!

I'm kind of into sports...I mean I grew up an athlete I get the dedication, the thrill, the goal, the teamwork, etc Although these days I watch sports more than I actually participate but it's still gives me a bit of an adreneline rush from my comfy spot on the couch, holding my breath waiting for the next goal! I don't really have a "team" except I'll stay true to the Broncos, typically at the beginning of a game I choose who I want to win and root for them. Makes it more fun that way, I usually like the underdogs too :)

March Madness is here again, one of my friend's favorite time of year okay who am I kidding probably 90% of males fav. time of year, we pull out the brackets and start selecting. My selection process goes like this, cool school name, recognize said school, underdog, ranking, record...most of the time for some unknown reason I am right much to my husbands dismay! Usually we end up with 2 or 3 brackets each and closely watch the games and give each other a hard time when the team they picked falls out of the tournament. It's all in good fun and quite an interesting, heart racing time :)

p.s so far I have a perfect bracket too...

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