Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well I disappeared for almost two months with good reason :) Baby boy arrived (see seperate post for his birth story) just 4 days before his due date and is just amazing! He completed our family and makes me smile everytime I see his sweet little face and bit blue eyes :) We moved! wow what an experience...unfortunately one that I'll have to repeat in under a year. I don't know what I would have done if Mum hadn't come out to help me...seriously she is beyond amazing and phew I want to cry everytime I think about what she did for me and Evan to move us out here. We ended up in Salem, Alabama a teeny tiny town in Eastern Alabama...HUGE change from the metro area of Denver and I was hesitant but I LOVE it...people are nice/helpful the vibe is laid back and it's a slow pace of life. It takes about 20mins to get anywhere which isn't always easy with two kids and I have learned I have to plan my days out to get things done but we're managing!

Can't really complain when this is my backyard for the next few monthhs! The bugs and spiders aren't fun at all and ever since my father in law mentioned water and tree snakes I'm not totally okay with being in the deep water or near the trees...but the heat doesn't bother me like my poor husband and I'm finding things for us to do! So far our schedule is preschool library hour on Wed. mornings and dance for Kaitlyn on Thursday afternoons...I plan to join a church soon so we have that on Sundays!
Evan is working about 2hrs away, but makes it home Friday late afternoon/evenings and leaves late Sunday night or Monday morning. We miss him during the week but it's a sacrifice he and I agreed to while he's working on his career. Kaitlyn definitely misses her friends and stimulation but she loves the water and is making the most of it! We're looking for swim classes :)
Hopefully as we get into more of a routine we'll find ways to keep ourselves entertained!

Monday I start the 30day shred to kick this extra 30lbs...I'll try to blog about my hatred for Jillian Michaels but my love for my new body...hopefully!

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