Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The final countdown...

I have a lot of countdowns running through my head at the moment it's hard to know what to concentrate on first...
We finally got a job offer for hubby...after numerous weeks (maybe five, I lost count) of back and forth phone calls the head manager in Georgia asked him to come down for a face to face meeting. We heard some comments about they should foot the bill for him to travel down there, but honestly at the point we're at beggers can't be choosers and we just want him to get the job without making any more demands. It's not the greatest pay, but the benefits are nice and hell in this economy it's a J-O-B! It will give Evan the tools, skills and certifications he needs in order to become more marketable to other companies. We're giving it a year before we decide what our next plan of action is, until then the kids and I will be living in Salem, AL in a house that belongs to his grandparents right on the Chatahoochee rive, it's going to be quite the change of lifestyle but I'm ready for some relaxation and quiet! Coundown to moving is 24 days!

Now that that major stressor has been lifted I can concentrate on the more fun things...such as I only have 14 days until my due date and our family of three becomes a family of four!!
The last few weeks of pregnancy are the toughest, the excitment of being pregnant and getting prepared and all that jazz are gone and the anticipation and anxiety of having the baby and wanting so desperately to see their sweet little face sets in. I think telling women that full term and babies can come after 37weeks is kind of a cruel joke...Because once you hit that 37wk mark in your head it's GAME ON to get baby out! I've been having braxton hicks alot, which are just plain old annoying and lots of pressure lately. My 38 week appointment is tomorrow and I'm hoping for some nice progression! I've been researching "stripping of membranes" and while it does sound a bit painful and I'm a firm believer in babies come when they are good and ready I'm contemplating asking my OB if she'll attempt to do it...just to kind of get things moving...would be nice...especially since Evan leaves on the 15th, I'd like baby to arrive before he departs, though Mum is coming in on the 14th so if baby comes after the 14th I'll have her here to help me! Timing is everything, what would be great is if they BOTH were here but that'd mean a crazy 24hrs for all and not sure Evan would want to leave right away and Mum would be jet lagged...sigh nothing is perfect but what's meant to be shall be :)

My final and shortest countdown is work...and can I just say THANK GOODNESS! I like my job I do, but my boss can be a bit bi-polar and in the last two days I've been told I was wrong twice and not in a nice way. I hate people, but especially bosses who think they are perfect and when others make a mistake can't seem to effectively say "oh you made a mistake shit I make them all the time, lets see how we can fix it" instead you did it wrong let me make you feel like crap for the next 10mins then we'll go over what to do to fix it. SIGH 3 and a half more days...actually only 3 more days as I have my dr. appt tomorrow afternoon and plan to leave as early as I can! Thursday and Friday I'm training the new lady, if baby hasn't arrived ;)

It's the final countdown...

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