Friday, July 2, 2010

Not so dumb!

So I have this, so called "irrational" by my husband, fear...that something will happen to me while I'm living here along 5 days a week and not having any friends or neighbors that I know...Evan's the type that will call and if I don't answer not worry or care if I don't call him back that day. I have a fear that I'll be laying unable to move or pass out or who knows and my kids will be here alone screaming without any help or anyone to check on them...seriously anxiety and fear over this!
Well slight reality check for Evan that this so called irrational fear may not be that irrational...

Tuesday, I went upstairs to change Blake for the day around 10am. Got my sweet little guy dressed and went to walk back down, as I got to the middle of the flight of stairs I saw Kaitlyn's yellow princess dress up shoes and made a mental note to avoid them. Stepped past them and next thing I know I'm on the ground looking up to see Blake on the landing on his back...NO recollection of what happened, how or why I had fallen and when I dropped my sweet little boy :(
I picked up Blake to check him out, felt the top and back of his head, didn't feel anything he started to cry his painful little cry...then I started to cry and panic! WHAT had just happened, how could I have let go of him?
the thought in the back of my head was something Mum had said to me when she was here "If you ever fall you instictively protect your kids" where the heck was my instinct if i had dropped him!
I called the dr. office, after having to sign onto the computer and look it up (now saved in my phone) and they didn't answer. Called Evan, now in full blown freak out mode. He says take him to the hospital...ummm bad mummy doesn't know where the hospital is! Hang up with him, call dr. again finally answer and say well if you think he's okay bring him in.
The worst part is, it was nap time so he was trying very hard to fall asleep...head injuries and sleep are not a good I'm trying to calm myself down, keep him awake and get Kaitlyn dressed so we can leave and go to the dr.'s.

Long panicked story short...he is FINE! not a bump on him, will never remember the fall and still loves his Mum who tried to chuck him down the stairs at just 6 and a half weeks old!

Mummy has some gnarly bruises on her lower back, above her tail bone and on her forearm...but we're okay and have learned to take the stairs S-L-O-W-L-Y from now on and not wear long pj pants!!

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