Saturday, October 16, 2010


I love Saturday! Have since I was a kid, usually Saturdays in our my parents house meant listening to:
The Stones at top volume...this is one of my Dad's favorite songs and yes he will dance around the living room just like that! Saturdays also meant pancakes or french toast and pjs till noon...until I started swimming with the USS team on Saturday mornings in which case I came home to all of this enjoyment instead of waking up to it.

These days it means ESPN sports is on the TV, scrambled eggs and bacon are sizzling away in the kitchen and the coffee is brewing! Kids have been up since 8:30 and laundry is running.

We also practice our grins with a little tummy time..

And since we're getting so big and all, it's time to figure out sitting while playing with the favorite giraffe.

We sometimes run errands on Saturday, but really I hate it so try my best to get all that stuff done during the week and be a homebody...well backyard body works too and since we live in the South these days were winter is a mere 2 months long we can enjoy the outdoors for quite a bit longer than possible in Denver. Mid-October and still in the 80s...mind-boggling to someone who's been in the cold for 9 years.
 My husband LOVES to take care of the cars, inside and out he will spend time cleaning them and taking care of them. He changes his own oil and makes sure any work needing done is done by the best.

I'd say this little helper is one of the very best around...

And when we're done helping Daddy wash cars there is plenty of room to run and explore, pick flowers and play with the dog...even give Mummy a bit of a heart attack by getting very close to the edge of the dock and peering into the water for fish! (I could not take a picture of that for fear she'd take a splash right as I clicked...then there'd be the internal do I put down the camera and jump in or just jump in...just kidding of course I'd put down the camera first :P)

And when it starts to get late in the day or too cool for all that outside fun, we'll kick up our feet, put on our red and cheer for the Nebraksa Huskers! Go Big Red! (unless your name is Kaitlyn in which case Go Red Big!)
College football is a big deal in this house, actually football in general and while I'm no expert on the game and have a million questions to drive my husband crazy with, I love to watch and cheer, mentally deciding who I want to win and then getting excited when I'm right!
My hubby is a Huskers fan, has been most of his life and our family has joined in the cheering and the red mentality...I have two orders in at the moment to deck the kids out in Huskers gear...though maybe I can cancel one since Daddy's old hat seems to be more fun...(just kidding Shelby!)

Saturdays are full of happiness and I'm enjoying the smells of my new recipe in the crock pot (if it tastes as good as it smells I'll share :P), the sounds of the game on TV and my kids giggling on the floor, the cool breeze coming through the back door, the taste of my coffee and leftover dessert from last night and the comfort of my pjs!

Ahhh Saturday you are the best!

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