Saturday, November 27, 2010

Countdown to Christmas!

This year advent begins on the 28th of November, I recieved an awesome little booklet with daily devotionals to read as we enjoy this holiday season! There are 26 days until Christmas in the advent calendar however we are doing a 24 day countdown (this is so we can use this craft every year), I will do our daily bible verse and countdown as a supplement to the fun we'll have with my new and first craft for the Christmas season!

To make your own countdown to Christmas you will need the following:

  -24 mini stockings, these were on special this week at Walgreens (2/$1) it was a limit of four each purchase so Kaitlyn and I had a great time buying four going to the car and putting them away then going back into the store to get four more six times!

-white ribbon
-hot glue gun
-candy (I bought 2 bags of hershey's kisses (2/$5 at walmart plus a $1 off coupon from the Sunday paper...I only used one bag!
-needle and white thread

-Avent calendar and devational booklet
-Green construction paper

Type up bible versus in two columns and print on green construction paper

Cut into seperate cards for each day

String mini stockings onto the ribbon

On the end that is not attached to the ribbon spool measure about 2 inches down and fold the ribbon over to create a loop, this is how you will attach the string of stockings to the wall.

Sew the loop (if you hate to sew you could use your hot glue gun for this part)

Once you have strung all your stockings on the ribbon and sewen or glued the first loop space out the stockings about 2 inches apart so they hang together. I layed my row off stockings out on the table and then took my hot glue gun and went down the line.
Make sure you start at the end with the loop, leave about 5 inches from the loop to the first stocking.

Once all your stockings have been glued on it's time to stuff them with the bible verse and goodies!

In each mini stocking (with one bag of hershey's kisses) I put 3 kisses and the day's bible verse. 

Each day we will enjoy a goodie as we read our bible verse and supplement with a reading from the devotional booklet.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, I cannot wait to begin the Christmas season! 

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