Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I organized, I saved...

I felt like I conquered the coupon deals today!! To be honest when I first posted about Coupons almost a month ago I was really discouraged. I don't buy processed food much, no cans, no boxes, no frozen pre-made food...I make it all from scratch. So when I spent time looking at the couponing sites I saw a lot of things that we just don't eat...well we eat but I make them by buying the ingredients instead of the pre-made stuff.

I bought Sunday's paper when I remembered (twice in the last month) and clipped the few things I would use...however this past Sunday Walgreens had a huge coupon release and I felt that motivation again! Ingredients were on sale and stuff we actually used/needed...so I spent Sunday evening and Monday morning organizing our meal plan, sorting through the various coupons I'd collected and clipped and wrote it all out.

Today I had a MOPS meeting and the plan was to make 5 stops on the way home...

1.Toys R Us for a birthday gift for a little boy in Kaitlyn's class at Church where I scored a Thomas the Tank Engine for 25% off and a Candy Land game (for Kait for Christmas) for $3 with a $2 mail in rebate, yep $1 for the game!

2. Library to drop off books
3. Post Office...totally forgot my printed off label so that will have to be done Thursday instead.

4. Walgreens to take full advantage and full advantage I did..
I bought the following:

Pack of 20 rolls of toilet paper
3 Purex 2X 32 load laundry detergent
2 pledge lemon furniture spray
2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice 64ozs
3 Dawn washing liquid 10.3oz
2 packs Jet puffed marshmellows
2 Sweet Dried Apricots 13oz
1 can condensed milk
2 5lb bags of Gold Medal Flour
1 5lb Domino Sugar
1 box light brown sugar
4 Ready Pie Crusts
3 boxes Blue Bonnet baking butter
1 Daisy Sour Cream 8oz
1 Cream Cheese 8oz
1 Pure Honey 32oz
2 panty hose
1 carmex lip balm
2 scotch tape
Total = $118.63...saved $52. 23...spent $66.40 and I will not have to shop for laundry detergent, washing up liquid, butter or flour, honey, sugar or tp for a long long time!! That was the best part for me, I am set for probably 3-6 months on some of those items now and really that's what I had to keep in mind that while it's a bill now and some of it seems a bit silly to buy 3 of, I should take advantage of the sale while it's on sale and then store it for the future!

5. Publix, I didn't feel 'as' successfull here but again since we don't buy a lot or any really pre-made foods I think I did okay...

At Publix I bought the following;

3 12 packs of coca cola products (2 coke, 1 dr. pepper)
2 boxes corn flakes
2 boxes honey bunches of oats
1 box granola
2 boxes graham crackers
1 jar of yeast
2 containers of crecent rolls
2 bags English muffins
Olive Oil
2 Jiffy Biscut Mix
2 Green Valley Steamers (peas and beans)
Beef Bacon
2 8 oz cheese cubes (Mozzerella & Colby)
1 Whisk laundry detergent 32 loads
Total= $96.69....saved $24.77...Total Spent $67.92
Publix had a lot of buy one get one today, plus manufacture coupons and my Publix doubles coupons...I think I did 'okay' here.

In the long run this is quite a bit of savings...$77 in two groceries and $82 total for the day...not too shabby for my first time at this!! I think I'll keep at it, grabbing the Sunday paper, clipping what looks good, stocking up on the Kroger deals, scouring the two sites I've come to love and buying when it makes sense!


  1. Don't you love when it works out. I too, hate the time couponing takes, but I love how much you can save. I'm trying to stay on track and get better at saving. I went to ACME the other day and saved more than I spent- it made me so happy! Keep with it... and keep track over time.