Saturday, October 9, 2010


Okay to be honest coupons irritate me, I mean why do I have to go through all this extra work to save money? If you're going to sell it to me for that price in the end why not just offer it at that price in the beginning? Sometimes I feel like couponing, other days I really can't be bothered to save an extra 50cents on that shampoo or laundry detergent or box of's time consuming, something that I seem to have less and less of these days and most of all it's just annoying!
Scrolling through lists and lists, going through the cupboards and thinking of items you will potentially need in the future, stockpiling then forgetting you saved that coupon or remembering only to find it has expired! So maybe it's more of user error than anything else here...

I sit in awe of my friends that can go to the store and save 50% or some even as lucky to get 80% of savings on their purchases...but then remember how much time they spent doing so...maybe if I got into it I could be better at it? People with their billfolds of coupons marked down and organized.

I do peruse some fabulous sites from time to time and print off a few coupons, some that I have used...I will say my favorite coupons are the ones from you can load up your shopper card number, look through the coupons and add them to the you CAN'T forget to use them because it's automatic! Genius!

But again if you're going to offer that price to me in the end...can't we just get it in the beginning!! sigh

My other complaint about coupons is they seem to be for processed and junk food. I have yet to see a coupon for veggies, fruit, organic meat or the like...I do however see lots for PopTarts or Chips or Ice Cream. That's just encouragment for someone to buy junk food and feeds into the complaint that in this country it's cheaper to be fat than thin. In reality it's not...I can buy whole grain pasta, tomatos, spinach and low fat cheese and make a meal for 4 for under $10 with leftovers.

At the moment I do love they have some great prices on things I actually use as well.

I've been told I should buy the Sunday paper, so tomorrow after Church I'm going to find the local 7-11 or equivalent and purchase said Sunday paper and see if it's worth it!

A local/regional coupon site that has pretty decent stuff is:

Another great site is

I have a goal in Novemeber to use as many coupons as I can and take the time to do it successfully...we'll see how much I can save in a month with groceries and determine if I 'really' want to take the time to coupon and make it my thing...or not!

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