Sunday, October 3, 2010

My slice of heaven...

We moved into a smallish home for a year while my husband works his way up the career chain, the location is beyond gorgeous and we are blessed to be here BUT with two small kids it can get a little overwhelming with toys, jumpers, swings, etc.

Last week at dance class the secretary mentioned they were getting rid of the desk in the back, well not getting rid of it but moving it to storage at her house...I said I'd take it off her hands for $20, done deal! I cannot tell you how excited I was with my purchase, unfortunately I've had to wait a week to get it since I couldn't fit it in my car with both car seats...but tonight my wonderful husband met the secretary at the dance school and picked it up for me!

So now amongst toys, arts, crafts is my little slice of heaven a brand (new to me) desk:
It very nicely fits my laptop, scanner, printer, sewing maching, photo printer, basket of crafts, school supplies for me and Kaitlyn, bills, and all the little extras...of course I still have two more boxes on the floor but it holds most of the "stuff" and gives me somewhere to sit and type and look out over the water! I'm in chair is a little short so I'll need to dig out a nice comfy cushion to sit on! 

So nice to have a little corner all to myself!

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