Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Monday

We eat cold ceral every morning, I offer granola with blueberries and apple, rice krispies, cheerios, honey bunches of oats, crispix or kix.

Snacks offered: yoghurt, fruit, english muffins with pb and honey, fruit snacks (one per day), frozen waffles (my child is weird and will eat them plain and FROZEN) and crackers with cheese.

MENU OF THE WEEK 10/4-10/10

Lunch- Turkey and Colby Cheese lunch wraps with apples
Dinner- Homemade Mac N Cheese and fresh salad

Lunch- Church Event we'll be having deli sandwiches there
Dinner- Homemade pizza with spinach, mushrooms and cheese

Lunch- Eating out at Chick Fil A
Dinner- Dinner at Church

Lunch- Tuna Melts on English muffins, side of fresh peaches
Dinner- Grilled turkey, tomato and cheese sandwiches

Lunch- Waffles with cream cheese and tomato
Dinner- Easy Chicken, cornbread and green beans

Lunch- Leftovers
Dinner-Breakfast for dinner, Beef bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuts

Lunch- We eat at Evan's grandparents house
Dinner- If hungry we'll make sandwiches

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