Saturday, January 29, 2011


I hate the feeling of being behind, behind in housework, behind in getting a deal from the store, behind in blogging, behind in homework...behind.

Being behind makes it so much harder to catch up. Where to start, how to get on top of things or even better ahead of things.

So I guess a brief catch up is in order?

We're settled in our new home, a few boxes remain in the basement hiding in the corner where I pretend if I ignore them they'll go away, so far it's not working...

I recently got hit by a mack truck, not literally but figuratively...I developed mastitis and it knocked me out for a day and a bit, starting to feel better.

We've found a church, finally, it's not as amazing as the one we left in Opelika but it's a great place and we're finding our way around slowly...I got lost once but there were plenty of people to help me find the way out! Yes it's a large church.

I've lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks and feeling great about it! I have quite a ways to go but I'm on a good start and hope to keep this up!

I opened my own business, not feeling super confident about it but I love making the frames and enjoy it so if nothing else it's a fun hobby for a little while :)

Project 365 is going well, made it almost through the month (2 days to go) without hesitation, I'm learning more about my camera and hope to improve the quality of photos as I move forward!

Oh and I'm LOVING e-mealz! Have you tried it? Checked into it? Click the link on my site (I get a referral bonus) and check it out. It's cut our food budget down and food I buy actually gets used, so no more throwing bad veggies out or questioning meat! Plus meals are planned 5 days a week, so come 4pm I don't stand in the kitchen going hmmm what on earth should we do for dinner! oh and they are the cajun shrimp and rice we had tonight! delish :)

Kids are phenomenal as usual, turning my hair grey and my smile lines deeper!

We're getting REAL internet soon so I will be back with a vengence complete with pictures! Right now I use the mobile hot spot on my cell phone and since the service stinks in this house the connection speed is S.L.O.W as molassess making uploading pictures on this site near impossible!

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