Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She's just like you...

it's funny when people see my kids they always exclaim 'oh they look just like you'...then they meet my husband and quickly change their mind...

I think as K gets older she looks a little like me...baby pictures she is the spitting image of her Daddy...
her behavior on the other hand is a constant battle. Hubby is forever proclaiming she's just like me, I'm certain he's just like her :P

Sassy, strong-willed, stubborn, attitude full 3.5 year old, she's definitely her fathers child right?

it's possible...

but she definitely has a lot of my traits too!  This is a hard age, or maybe she's just a challenging child, but she has figured out how to push each and every button her Dad and I have!

She has her care-free side, the kid LOVES to be outdoors.

If I let her she'd stay outside all day everyday...we never fight about going outside, but it's a challenge to get her in, which I'm sure in a few years I will greatly appreciate! Currently with the weather colder and a determined little brother it's harder to always be out as he's into everything but not old enough to play so it's best to run around with her while he naps.
She loves to bake and help Mummy clean
AA (Auntie Andi) and and arts and crafts are two of her favourites!

And truth be told she's a Daddy's girl...
and she adores books

She loves to dance and really does have a sweet, cuddly side...

People always talk about the terrible twos, but for us, two was PIE! I would love two again. Three has been so challenging and I've heard it's not much better til five.

She's just like me, we butt heads quite a lot and I think a lot of my frustration with her is seeing myself and my own irritations with what I do and then to see my child do them is hard.

We both have a type A personality, wanting to be in charge, knowing we're right, determined individuals and everything I love about her I love about myself.

I don't think the age will change her personality, if anything it will just become stronger...she is who she is, I am who I am and she's just like me!


  1. She's so adorable. I'm with you on the fact that there were really no terrible twos but three has been a challenge! Hang in there!!

  2. Wow, she sounds just like my Amelia. 3s were terrible with her, lol. But hang in there, it'll all be worth it.

    I'm glad to not be the only mom out there who "butts heads" with their daughter :)